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Why Susan McBride would wear silver shoes with a little black a book giveaway

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Today our good friend Susan McBride, author of "The Cougar Club" (and many other great books), has returned to CLC with a guest post about her latest book "Little Black Dress" (released tomorrow and reviewed here) and the power of magical clothing. Here at CLC, we adore Susan and jump at the chance to feature her on our site. For those of you that are new and haven't yet had the pleasure of "meeting" her, we are sure that you will all love her as much as we do!

As a special treat to some lucky readers in the US and Canada, Susan is offering three signed copies of "Little Black Dress!"

Visit Susan on Facebook and her blogs, The Stiletto Gang and Girlfriends Book Club.

Fashionable Magic

When I think of a quintessential fashion “must-have,” a little black dress pops right into my head. From early on, my mother taught me that every woman needs to have one in her closet. “It will take you through all of life’s events,” she remarked, and I believed her. I’ve always owned at least one LBD, which became my eternal go-to gear for a graduation dinner, a cocktail party, or even a funeral. Although my current model has a row of buttons up the back that likes to come undone when I do anything but sit, which has led to some interesting, less than magical situations.

In "Little Black Dress," my second women’s fiction book, a vintage black dress with mystical powers falls into the hands of two sisters, Anna and Evie, in small-town Missouri. As the dress shows its wearer glimpses of her future, you can imagine the kinds of upheaval it causes. Instead of Anna marrying a man her parents find perfectly suitable, she disappears, leaving Evie to pick up the pieces…and to don the black dress herself. Like Anna, what she sees changes her life forever. Coco Chanel once said, “A woman without a little black dress has no future,” and in the case of "Little Black Dress," truer words were never spoken.

But back to that far-from-magical LBD in my closet. I’ve been on the hunt for a new one (or two) to wear while I do book promotion. How nice it would be if I had a mystical LBD like the one in my novel, which fits each woman who wears it, no matter her shape or size. Not so sure that I’d want to see flashes of my future every time I put it on; but perhaps that would come in handy on occasion (especially if it warned me about bad situations like the robot from Lost in Space: “Danger, Will Robinson!”).

Fashion and books truly go together like peanut butter and jelly. So much of chick lit is synonymous with designer clothing, handbags, and shoes. But what about novels that have magical fashion imbedded in their stories?

Like the pair of jeans in "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants." Found at a second-hand store, this denim is hardly ordinary. Not only does it fit four very different girls, but it helps them through rough patches in their lives. It connects them and is entirely symbolic of their friendship, weathering rough times and travel. Who wouldn’t want to own a pair of jeans like that?

Then there’s the Invisibility Cloak in the Harry Potter novels. It had once belonged to Harry’s father, James, and was given to him mysteriously on a Christmas morning (it’s got to be from Dumbledore, don’t you think?). Harry uses it to uncover mysteries, about what’s going on at Hogwarts and from his own past. I can definitely see how an Invisibility Cloak would come in handy! You could get into movies and concerts for free, fly without a ticket (and avoid TSA pat-downs!), listen in on conversations, or watch the hockey game from the players’ bench (that one came from my husband). Ah, the list is endless!

But perhaps my favorite magical fashion accessories are Dorothy’s silver shoes in "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" (changed to ruby slippers for the movie). Not only are they pretty and sparkly; but, just by clicking the heels together, you can transport yourself home (or somewhere else, I guess, say if you wanted to go to France rather than back to Kansas). What fun it would be to put on those silver shoes, tap your heels, and pop into your favorite restaurant! Or visit a friend in a faraway place! It would totally out-style a transporter from Star Trek.

Hmm, I wonder if I can order Dorothy’s shoes, Harry’s cloak, the Sisterhood’s jeans, and the magical little black dress online? If I could, I’d be good to go!

Thanks to Susan for bringing magic into our lives and for sharing her book for our giveaway.

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A Novel Review also has a copy of this book to give away. (US only. Ends 8/30.)


Kritters Ramblings said...

My go to piece of jewelry is a silver ring that has my initial - K etched into it. I purchased it at a small jewelry store near my university.

I am a GFC.
I am on facebook.

Jeryl M. said...

I would love to win.

Jeryl M. said...

I always wear a watch and earrings but I don't always wear the same ones.

I am a subscriber.

I am a facebook follower.

faithspage said...

I wear an initial ring, and a knockoff Tiffany ring everyday. I have a big bold silver bracelet that I wear when I "get ready"
This book has been on my tbr list for what seems like months, the title and cover had me hooked.
I follow on gfc
I follow on fb

kyfaithw at aol dot com

Amy said...

My go to piece of jewelry is a double circle diamond white gold necklace that my hubby got me for our 1st anniversary. It's small, not a lot of bling at all, and goes with anything. And of course every time I wear it I feel Jason with me.

I am a GFC follower.

Email is
I belong to CLC on facebook.

I shared this contest on my facebook wall

Amy said...

Here is my tweet:!/jam_njellygirl/status/105640222896824320

mary said...

I wear storytelling and YMCA t-shirts most of the time (like wearing one's heart on one's sleeve). I have my mother's wedding ring on my right hand, and on the left a ring with an aventurine stone. It was a gift long ago from a man on the crew renovating the building next to mine, found in an old storage locker. It reminds me to look for adventure and friendship, which is all around us. mgarrett at mail dot win dot org

Deborah R said...

My favorite piece of jewelry is a gold cross necklace I've had for 25 years...given to me by my ex-husband on our first anniversary.

GFC follower
Facebook follower

debr97 at yahoo dot com

Literary Chanteuse said...

I have a pair of silver earrings that were a gift from sister and I wear them with almost any kind of outfit, whether I'm dressed up or down they always seem to work well.

I'm a follower. Thanks for the giveaway! I have really want this book!


DarleneLF said...

My go-to piece of clothing is my comfy sweat pants, and my go-to jewlery is my watch...I need to know the time, lol.
I'm a follower of this blog and a member of your Facebook group.

Tiffany Drew said...

My go-to piece of clothing is a very comfy gray cable knit sweater that I have had for years that I wear all winter over whatever shirt I'm wearing. The zipper is broken and this past winter it got a somewhat large hole in the sleeve so I don't think I will be wearing it much longer :(

GFC follower Tiffany Drew
Facebook Member Tiffany Drew


Kim W. said...

1. My "go to piece" is a necklace, which looks good with ANYTHING!! And I have a few different pendants that I can change on it to keep it looking new & different! I LOVE IT!!

2. I follow this blog already

3. I have shared this contest on Facebook

4. I belong to CLC on Facebook already

Amy said...

I added Thea Dwelle to CLC facebook group

Nina said...

Lately my go-to item when heading out have been wedges! It took me all these years to realize how comfortable they are, while still giving some elevation! ;)

Anonymous said...

My go to wardrobe item is my purple sweater coat that can be worn with anything.

Follower on the blog and FB

Will post on my blog.

Linda Kish said...

I would love to win a copy of this book.

I don't wear any jewelry unless I get dressed up then I wear a beautiful pink CZ that my son pick out about 20 years ago. That's pretty much it for fashion for me.

I am a GFC follower

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

My favorite go to item is a silver necklace that was handed down to me.
sonflower277 at gmail dot com

Anita Yancey said...

Great story, I would love to read the rest of it. Please enter me. Thanks!

My go to accessory is a pair of black high heel shoes.

Follow on GFC!


liveyourlife said...

My go to piece of jewelry is a flower ring. I bought it from a hotel during a convention and love it because it's fun, light, and always makes me smile.
idithk at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

of course I'd LOVE to win.
My must wear piece, a fantabulous, shawl.
I'm on FB.

Jennifer L. said...

I'd love to read this book. It sounds great!

My go-to piece of jewellery is a pair of small diamond stud earrings. I wear them more than anything else.

I'm a follower.
jentam777 at gmail dot com

Allison said...


Allison said...

I follow GFC.


Allison said...

My go to piece is my big white watch!


PoCoKat said...

Sounds like a great book!

1. Go to clothing...little black cardigan.
2. GFC follower
3. FB member of CLC

littleone AT shaw DOT ca

Michelle from Sew Shellz said...

Michelle Z

1. My go to clothing...any dress with an amazing pair of SHOES!!
2. I follow the blog
3. and now a FB member of CLC

Jane said...

My go to outfit is a black skirt, top it with a different sweater and black boots.


karenk said...

would love to read this novel...thanks for the chance :)

my favouite 'go to' item is my little black dress.

i'm a follower, too!

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Jilleen said...

I would love to read this - have heard lots of good things about it so far.

My go to is a black skirt. I like it so much I asked the tailor if he could duplicate it!

I am a follower
I also follow you on FB
Joined Chick Lit Central on FB - Jill Hays
FB about giveaway -

Jilleen Hays AT yahoo DOT com

BRN2SHOP9 said...

My go to clothing item are my sweat pants! I love to be comy/cozy

BRN2SHOP9 said...

I follow via twitter

brn2shop9 at gmail dot com

BRN2SHOP9 said...

I follow via facebook

BRN2SHOP9 said...

I follow via gfc

brn2shop9 at gmail dot com

StereoQueenBee said...

. Please tell us: What is your "go-to" piece of clothing, outfit, or accessory?

My silver high top sneakers. (I know, I know)

2. Follow this blog and post a comment saying you are a follower (if you already follow, that's fine too).

I already follow.

3. Post this contest on Facebook or Twitter or in your blog, and leave a comment saying where you've posted it.

Facebook - Sabrina-Kate Eryou
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4. Join Chick Lit Central on Facebook. Edit settings if you don't want to receive a lot of messages at your e-mail account. Please read our posting guidelines, as well. (If you're already a member, let us know that too.)

Already a member.

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Jen said...

jenmschneider at gmail dot com

For my 31st birthday, I told my husband that I didn't want a thing. I was pregnant with our now 3 month old daughter, and that was all I wanted in the world. He didn't listen and got me a simple pair of silver diamond hoop earrings. I wear them all the time. They remind me of his love and my baby girl.

Posted on fb and I "like" Chick Lit Central

Sherry said...

This sounds like a great read

Sherry said...

My go to clothing is a pretty black wrap around dress and my go to jewelry is an silver goddess bracelet I got in Egypt

Sherry said...

Follow this blog on GFC
Posted this contest on FB
Member of Chick Lit Central

Krystal Lynn said...

Hoodies! I wear hoodies with jeans, with sweats, with skirts, with anything really. This summer has made me stop a little but I'll still love my hoodies! Don't have a go-to jewelry piece anymore. I had a cross necklace that I wore everyday for years and lost. Now I just wear random necklaces.


a real librarian said...

I have about a million camisoles with lace trim on the top and bottom, in like every imaginable color. I wear them almost every day - by themselves or under stuff. They are awesome!!

I also follow!!

Thanks for the giveaway!!

areallibrarian [at] gmail[dot]com

bigdisneyfan said...

My go-to outfit is my plain black pants. They fit great and I can use them for work or going out in the evening. I just change my top and can wear these pants a lot.

bigdisneyfan said...

I follow you on Google Friend Connect (as bigdisneyfan).
warnaar-2 at yahoo dot ca

Susan @ The Book Bag said...

Thanks for the chance to win this book!


My go-to item is a blue sweater I own that I get complements on every time I wear it. It must look good on me.

I am a GFC follower.

I already joined Chick Lit Central on Facebook.


Nancye said...

My "go to" item is a pair of gold ball earrings. Goes with everything!

nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

Nancye said...


nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

Nancye said...

Tweet! Tweet!

nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net