Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blogs of the Week

We have started a new feature called "Blogs of the Week." Each week, we will feature a reader blog (which has to be sent to us) and an author blog (which can either be sent to us, or we'll pick one at random). This is our first week doing it and we hope to keep the momentum going for a while. Please check out the blogs we are sharing. I'm sure the bloggers would love some friendly comments on their posts or a follow.

To have your blog featured for a future shout out, please e-mail us. The blogs can be anything: personal, book themed or something else you're interested in that you write about (movies, fashion, pets, career, etc.)

Reader blog:

Writer's Corner

Jencey Gortney has been a lifelong book lover and found that a blog is a great way to share this love with everyone else. She writes book reviews, does interviews and shares her thoughts about writing. She tends to read a lot of Chick Lit. She is working on expanding the blog and adding other features. She resides in a town near Atlanta, Georgia. Check out her page on Facebook, as well.

Author blog:

From a Corner of a Foreign Field...

Eleanor Gwyn–Jones was born in the UK and moved to the US in 2004 (to a town where she can run into Dwight, Jim, Kelley and Angela...just to name a few). She worked as an actress and theatre company administrator and is now a full time writer with two books to prove it ("Theatricks" and "BigamE"). She also owns a business and is a mother to some furry babies: Sergeant Peanut Windybottom (cocker spaniel) and Corporal Milton Hoppit (chocolate lop-eared bunny). She enjoys traveling, eating, drinking, theatre, music and of course...reading! Find her on Facebook and Twitter and get to know her better, as she is a fascinating woman. (She would definitely qualify as an answer to the bonus question in our giveaway for "The Love Market.")

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