Sunday, August 7, 2011

Meet our associates!

This past week was busy. First Melissa P. got to choose the finalists for our guest judges (all anonymous to her, of course). Then Melissa A. sent the guest judges the entries for the finalists.

The guest judges were:

They were fair with their judging and each picked two or three entries from the US/Canada region and one international entry. We tallied up the scores and found three associates. We originally had three judges, but then there was a tie, so we brought in a fourth judge to break it.

Introducing our new associates:

Gail Allison from St. Albert, Alberta

Cindy Roesel from Miami, Florida


Becky Gulc from London, UK

The scores were very close and we're impressed with all the hard work that was put into these entries. We even have a runner up, should something change and one of our associates is no longer able to help us. (Are we like the Miss America pageant, or what?!?) That honor goes to Kathryn Hamilton of Brantford, Ontario. See her entry, as well.

We're excited to be able to bring you more reviews, thanks to our associates.

Great work everyone and congrats again! Thanks to everyone who entered originally and to our guest judges. Keep on reading and sharing your love for chick lit!


Dee DeTarsio said...

Congratulations winning associates--I enjoyed reading all of your reviews and look forward to more! And a special shout-out to Cindy Roesel--Yay! I have firsthand experience of what a great reviewer she is (hee hee--and thank you, again!). Good luck--you are all in great company!

Lorena Bathey said...

Congrats new associates! Hoping to read some of your great reviews...and I have another books coming out soon so maybe you'll be able to review that!!!

Lorena Bathey
Author, Beatrice Munson