Review Policy

Thank you for considering Chick Lit Central to review your book!

**Update as of August 12th, 2015**
Any book featured on this site will be limited to ONE promotional post, whether it is an interview/guest post, spotlight, spot on our Bookshelf page, giveaway with our "What's in the mail" feature (see example), or review. If we do one of the non-review posts, a review will NOT follow up later at the blog. It will be featured at Chick Lit Central's Amazon account. If we do a review post, it will be on a consideration basis and we do not guarantee that it will post at the time of the book's publication, unless a date has been agreed upon for a blog tour.

Books that have been featured in a spotlight, "What's in the Mail," or interview/guest post prior to August 12, 2015 are exempt from this limitation, but we will still offer the option of an Amazon review in lieu of a review on the blog, once we have read the book.

If you have sent us a request and we are featuring the book on our Bookshelf page, we will let you know around which month it will appear at our blog, but will not be doing any reviews of this book at our blog after it is featured.

Review policy:

All books are accepted on a review consideration basis. Therefore sending us a book DOES NOT guarantee a review.  

We reserve the right to not publicly review books if we find them to be unreadable, inappropriate, or unfinished. We do not post reviews if they are going to hurt the sales of the book, unless you personally give us permission to do so. We will contact you if we have concerns in this regard.

DO NOT contact us to ask when your review will be posted. Unless we specifically scheduled a review to coincide with a giveaway or blog tour, we cannot give you a date or time that it will post. We do not guarantee a timely review. We appreciate your patience! 


We love hearing about new books. If you would like us to review or feature your book, please read our review guidelines. We will ONLY reply to messages where the book is a potential fit for our blog and we have seen that you followed our guidelines.
  • In the subject line, please put your name, title of the book and “review request.”
  • Please include the following in the body of the email:  Book title, author, a brief summary and author bio, the publisher (see bullet below if you’re a self published author), release date and a link of the novel on Goodreads or Amazon. (You can use this format if you'd like.)
  • Self-published authors: We are well aware that the barriers to publication are high, and many wonderful authors are choosing to publish on their own. We are happy to read and review your book if it is written at a professional level. If we feel that the book is not well written, we will opt not to review it at this time. We feel this policy gives the self-published author a chance to rewrite and re-submit their book without a negative review hurting possible sales.
  • Only send requests to Do NOT send them to our personal accounts or via social media.

Books we love to review:
  • Chick Lit
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Domestic suspense/psychological fiction
  • SOME historical fiction revolving around female characters, that usually ties in with a modern day situation or would be of interest to chick lit fans (ex. Sarah Jio’s novels)
  • Some memoirs and books about empowering women.
Books you should ask another blog to review:
  • Erotica
  • Strictly historical with no modern ties
  • Romance (different from romantic comedy)
  • Mystery (some cozy mysteries might be okay)
  • Young Adult
  • Romantic fantasy
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Children's literature
  • How-to manuals
  • Biographies about men
See this post from Hello...Chick Lit for more information.

We do NOT accept payment for reviews.

Other options:

If you're here for the first time (or to feature a new book), and we don't have reviewer availability, we can discuss featuring it on our  Book Shelf. Keep in mind that there's a queue in place and we will do the best we can to feature it as soon as possible.

We also know many other book reviewers to whom we can refer you. Please contact us if you'd like a list.

For more guidelines on sending review requests, see this post by author and blogger, Lydia Laceby. Fictionella also posted a great set of tips for interacting with book bloggers. Hello Chick Lit has some thoughts for you to keep in mind, as well. We agree with everything these bloggers have posted!