Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Book Review: Let's Not Be Friends


By Sara Steven

City girl Sophie has married the prince (or landed gentry - close enough), moved to his pile (which is more accurate a description than she’d anticipated) and is set to live happily ever after - until she finds the other half of her perfect life in the stables with the stable girl, and they’re definitely not grooming the horses.

Shocked and appalled, Sophie’s no happier to learn that she’s supposed to 'just get on with it'. After all, according to her mother-in-law, she got the title . . . they even overlooked her family’s ‘new money’ status.

What a lovely family she’s married into! But what’s a girl to do when she’s still in love? Make it work or leg it as fast as she can? Either way, the mother-in-law will not be coming to tea! (Synopsis courtesy of Amazon.)

Throughout most of Let’s Not Be Friends, I would often think, “Wow, Sophie is a stronger person than I could ever be.” When she discovers her husband has cheated on her, instead of hightailing it out of there and saying goodbye to him as soon as possible, she makes a plan to work on the marriage and try to salvage it. There are ground rules she puts in place, all reasonable ones, and when that fails is when the real work begins. 

So much of it is like she’s starting over, which can be really hard to do. Sophie leans on her parents for help, she manages to get back into the line of work she’d done before she married her husband, and the lifestyle she’s been used to reverts back to the way she lived before the gentry. In some ways, there can be comfort in familiar routines, but it is still real work when trying to rediscover who you are and what makes you tick. I appreciated seeing that struggle and watching Sophie find her way. I also appreciated seeing her do that as much as possible all on her own.

Both the estranged husband and the mother-in-law are a real piece of work. You wonder how Sophie could have gotten sucked into a train wreck like that, but it reminded me that so many of us often find ourselves in similar situations, where we aren’t capable of really seeing something for what it really is until it’s too late. There’s a certain part in the book where “the prince” decides to utilize Sophie’s professional services as a means in trying to prove a point to her–that, when she made the choice to walk away, she left something good and worthwhile. But it’s obvious there are a few tricks up his sleeve, and in an effort to try to get her back, he only manages to push her away even more. And for good reason!

I loved seeing the transitions for everyone involved in Let’s Not Be Friends: Sophie finding herself again; the unexpected friendship she forms with Elliot, a man who has also been scorned in love before and has a hard time trusting anyone; the unruly coworker of Sophie’s who attempts to sabotage her, only later becoming a trusted ally, and other characters who are asking for second chances, ways to redeem themselves, or looking for a means to evolve and become better characters. It was an enjoyable five-star read, and one I’d highly recommend!

Thanks to Rachel's Random Resources for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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Phoebe MacLeod is the author of several popular laugh-out-loud romantic comedies. She mainly sets her books in her home county of Kent and her first new title for Boldwood will be published in November 2022. They will also be republishing her existing titles from August this year.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Kaya Quinsey Holt's new a book giveaway

We're pleased to have Kaya Quinsey Holt back at CLC today. Her latest novel, Maybe in Monaco, released about a month ago and she's here to talk about it today. She also told us about a recent exciting event in her life. Kaya has one ebook to share with a lucky reader!

Kaya Quinsey Holt is a bestselling author of romance and women’s fiction. Her books have sold worldwide, have been translated into multiple languages, and adapted for audiobooks. From house hunting in the South of France to weddings in Positano, Kaya’s books offer a romantic escape from day to day life. (Bio courtesy of Kaya's website.)

Visit Kaya online:
Website * Twitter * Instagram

Charlotte Levant left Monaco ten years ago in order to allow the man she loved to pursue his dream but she left with more than a broken heart. Only a select few knew that she gave up her baby. Facing a personal crisis, Charlotte returns to Monaco, thinking she can quietly sneak back without a fuss. But it’s hard to keep a secret in Monaco.

For recently retired Formula One driver Freddie Ridgeport, losing Charlotte was more painful than a car crash, but he quickly found company among his fans. Now back in Monaco, the responsibility of caring for nine-year-old Nicholas has been thrust upon him after he is unexpectedly named as the legal guardian in a will.

Will fate finally reunite these star-crossed lovers? And if so, can the truth make up for a ten-year-long secret that runs deeper than the adjacent Mediterranean sea?

What is a favorite compliment you have received on your writing?
Whenever someone tells me that reading my books has made them happy, it instantly feels like my favorite compliment at that moment. My goal for my books is to bring readers joy--hopefully equivalent to the joy that I feel while writing them. A reviewer recently said that Maybe in Monaco made her "smile and cry" which made me particularly pleased, because it meant they were invested in the characters and their journeys the same way that I am.

What were the biggest rewards and challenges with writing Maybe in Monaco?
Finding the voices of multiple, very different and distinct characters was a fun challenge. I have never written a book with so many character perspectives, let alone characters with such different stories. The biggest reward with this book is knowing that I'll get to continue with the characters as I write the sequel, A Monaco Minute, which features an all-grown-up Nicholas as he embarks on his own quest for love. 

If Maybe in Monaco were made into a movie, who would you cast in the lead roles?
Such a great question! Hmm... I would have to say Dakota Johnson would play Charlotte and Chace Crawford would play Freddie.

Which TV series are you currently binge watching?
Workin' Moms! I became a mama myself in October 2022 so it's a lot of fun watching the challenges the characters face.

What are you most thankful for this year?
My beautiful baby boy, Leo, was born in October and I could not be more grateful. I dedicated Maybe in Monaco to him.

If we were to visit you right now, what are some places you would take us to see?
Since the readers of this blog are book fans, I would suggest The Yorkville Library, which is the oldest library in Toronto (also one of the most beautiful) and is a designated heritage site. The AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) has stunning paintings and sculptures by my favorite artists, Claude Monet and Henri Matisse, and also houses an impressive collection of Group of Seven paintings. For an extended visit, the perfect day-trip away would be Niagara-on-the-Lake. Known for its wineries, glasses of chardonnay would be enjoyed in sun-dappled vineyards before we would pop into the shops of the absolutely stunning historic downtown. 

Thanks to Kaya for visiting with us and for sharing her book with our readers.

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Monday, November 21, 2022

Book Review: The Wrong Ghost

By Sara Steven

When Beatrice Beaumont loses her husband, George, she finds herself raising their young daughter alone in the ancestral home, Ketton Hall, deep in the Suffolk countryside. With Christmas approaching and marking the first anniversary of George’s death, there’s nothing Bea wants more than to have him back again.

One night, she makes a wish for him to return and gets the shock of her life when a ghost appears. But it isn’t her George...

The Wrong Ghost is a delightful Christmas novella, full of warmth and charm, perfect for a dark winter’s night in a cosy, candle-lit room. (Synopsis courtesy of Amazon)

The Wrong Ghost felt like the perfect comfy cozy novella to read while drinking tea in front of a warm fire. I instantly tucked in, discovering Bea’s life at Ketton Hall. Her dealings with grief felt realistic, particularly in how she makes a strong effort to hold it all together for her daughter’s sake. At first, when George the ghost appears to her, I wasn’t sure if it really would be the ghost in question, or if it was some sort of manifestation brought on by loneliness. Bea herself questions that. But given some time, it’s obvious that George is there to stay, and I loved the friendship that developed between them. 

There is a moment of contention for Bea when she deals with a relative of her deceased husband. Simeon seemed to be a pretty slimy guy, and even though I really didn’t like him, I wondered if there would be more at play–possibly a sequel? Simeon is convinced that Ketton Hall should belong to him, threatening to do whatever it takes to make that happen. At various moments in the book, I feared he might come back to bother her, show up unannounced, or worse, find some sort of loophole and pull Ketton Hall from Bea. 

I’d also wondered if Bea’s husband George would show up. I was surprised by the little twist at the end, and appreciated it. It would have been a little too easy to wrap everything up and end the novella with Bea’s husband, but it didn’t end that way at all! Plus, it opened the door for a possible sequel. Given the background and the many ancestors in George’s family, you never know. 

The biggest and brightest character within The Wrong Ghost is the holiday season. Despite the circumstances, Bea wants to celebrate Christmas with her loved ones–the ones who are living, and the ones who aren’t. I loved all the nuances and bits and baubles that really felt wintery and seasonal, making this the perfect five-star festive experience!

Thanks to Rachel's Random Resources for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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Victoria Connelly lives in a 500-year old thatched cottage in rural Suffolk with her artist husband, a springer spaniel and a flock of ex-battery hens. She is the million-selling author of two bestselling series, The Austen Addicts and The Book Lovers, as well as many other novels and novellas. Her first published novel, Flights of Angels, was made into a film in Germany. Victoria loves books, films, walking, historic buildings and animals. If she isn’t at her keyboard writing, she can usually be found in her garden either with a trowel in her hand or a hen on her lap.

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Friday, November 18, 2022

Book Review: It Could a special giveaway

By Sara Steven

I don't like change. That's fine, because I, Tori Hayes, am quite content with my single status and fulfilling sales career. I'll make an exception and step out of my comfort zone to be a part of my college bestie's wedding party. Anything for a friend, you know?

But this—this is not what I thought it would be. Suddenly, I'm thrown into drama that only a Southern belle bride and her friends can stir up. The secrets, the lies, the deception—it's more than I can take. Not to mention that groomsman Tyler, who seems to know exactly how to push my buttons.

I don't like my buttons pushed. Or maybe I do.

Dashing groomsmen aside, why do I keep finding myself in the middle of all this madness? I want to support Caroline and give her the perfect day, but things are getting messy and fast. Is there going to be a happy ending amid all this chaos?

It could happen… (Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads.)

Sometimes, it takes the person who is on the outside looking in to really see things for how they are. Tori was an excellent example of that. When she participates in bestie Caroline’s pre-wedding festivities, she discovers a lot of drama and potential chaos that threatens to create a mess for Caroline. I felt like the scenarios that were put in place to show that did a great job of continually heightening the experience, so even when I was on an even keel with Tori, just trying to relax and enjoy what’s going on around me, I kept waiting for that other shoe to drop–and boy, did it!

Along for the ride were Tori’s mixed feelings towards Tyler. She doesn’t know if his behavior is genuine, particularly with another bridesmaid in the mix who is doing everything she can to catch Tyler’s eye. Is he interested in Tori, or in someone else? I liked the quick banter and obvious attraction that is there between Tori and Tyler. It flowed well and never felt forced. Plus, there was no delineation from who Tori is as a character. As described in the synopsis, she’s the type to stick with what she knows and not often stray outside the box, which added even more to the potential budding romance she suddenly finds herself in.

I also questioned the happy ending, and if it would happen, not only for Tori but for Caroline. I couldn’t help but feel for Caroline, along with some of the other bridal party members who become part of the drama. It was hard not to feel close to the characters and get emotionally invested. But a big part of It Could Happen is evolution and change, and seeking the lesser known path.  

What I loved most were the threads of friendship–old and new. Tori honors her friendship with Caroline, but she discovers new ones along the way, too. It Could Happen really was an enjoyable, five-star experience!

Thanks to Rachel's Random Resources for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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USA Today bestselling author Melissa Baldwin is a planner-obsessed Disney fan who still watches Beverly Hills 90210 reruns and General Hospital

She’s a wife, mother, and journal keeper, who finally decided to write the book she talked about for years. She took her dream to the next level, and is now an award-winning, bestselling author of twenty-five Romantic Comedy and Cozy Mystery novels and novellas. Melissa writes about charming, ambitious, and real women, and she considers these leading ladies to be part of her tribe.

When she isn't deep in the writing zone, this multitasking master organizer keeps busy by spending time with her family, chauffeuring her daughter, traveling, attempting yoga poses, and going on rides at Disney World.

Visit Melissa online:
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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Connecting with Fran a book giveaway

Photo by Jolene Siana
Today we are pleased to welcome Fran Hawthorne to CLC. Her latest novel, I Meant to Tell You, released this week and it sounds intriguing! It would make a great book club pick. Thanks to Caitlin Hamilton Marketing, we have one copy to give away!

FRAN HAWTHORNE has been writing novels since she was four years old, although she was sidetracked for several decades by journalism. During that award-winning career, she wrote eight nonfiction books, mainly about consumer activism, the drug industry, and the financial world. ETHICAL CHIC (Beacon Press) was named one of the best business books of 2012 by Library Journal, and PENSION DUMPING (Bloomberg Press) was a Foreword magazine 2008 Book of the Year. She's also been an editor or regular contributor for The New York Times, Business Week, Fortune, and many other publications. But Fran never abandoned her true love: With the publication of her debut novel, THE HEIRS, in 2018 and now I MEANT TO TELL YOU, Fran is firmly committed to fiction. She’s at work on her next novel and also writes book reviews for the New York Journal of Books

Visit Fran online:
Website * Twitter * Instagram


When Miranda Isaacs’s fiancé, Russ Steinmann, is being vetted for his dream job in the U.S. attorney’s office, the couple joke about whether Miranda’s parents’ history as antiwar activists in the Sixties might jeopardize Russ’s security clearance. But as it turns out, the real threat emerges after Russ’s future employer discovers that Miranda was arrested for felony kidnapping seven years earlier – an arrest she’d never bothered to tell Russ about.

Miranda tries to explain that she was only helping her best friend, Ronit, in the midst of a nasty divorce and custody battle, take her daughter to visit her parents in Israel. Russ doesn’t see it quite as innocently. In a frantic search to persuade Russ that she’s not a criminal, Miranda either makes the situation worse or exposes other secrets and mysteries. Miranda’s stepfather – who has just revealed to her mother that he’s been having an affair—starts dropping cryptic hints about her biological father. On top of all that, Miranda is arrested again, this time for drunk driving.

With everything she thought she knew upended, Miranda must face the truth about her mother, herself, and her future marriage. (Courtesy of Amazon.)

“Fran Hawthorne delivers a nuanced exploration of the connections among women – and how they can unravel when lies of omission are revealed. Told through the eyes of three women in different eras, I Meant to Tell You kept me turning the pages late into the night.”
--Jennifer Coburn, USA Today best-selling author of Cradles of the Reich

 “An absorbing, beautifully told story about how tenaciously we hang onto family myths --and how, once one secret is revealed, other truths come into the light.” 
--Janice Steinberg, author of The Tin Horse (winner, San Diego Book Award)

What were the biggest rewards and challenges with writing I Meant to Tell You?
I Meant to Tell You has three narrators, so the biggest challenge was to give each of these women her own distinctive voice. Ronit was especially difficult, because she’s an immigrant. Her voice had to be just enough “off” grammatically to hint that she isn’t totally comfortable in English, without going overboard with an accent or too many foreign words. 

The biggest reward, in terms of writing, was each time I somehow broke through a plot block.

What is a favorite compliment you have received on your writing?
I’ve gotten some lovely professional reviews, but the ones that touch my heart come from readers like Natalie, who wrote on Goodreads: “I loved all these family members and I would love to share their stories with my book groups.” Isn’t that the ultimate goal for a novelist -- that readers feel a personal connection with their characters and want to talk about the characters with other people?

If I Meant to Tell You was made into a movie, who would you cast in the lead roles?
If only! But okay, here’s my dream cast: Jennifer Lawrence as Miranda (the Jennifer Lawrence of Silver Linings Playbook more than The Hunger Games); Olivia Colman as Miranda’s mom, Judith; Gal Gadot as Miranda’s friend Ronit (because of her “presence,” not just her Israeli accent); and Channing Tatum as Miranda’s fiancé, Russ (because they’re both big, cuddly guys).

What is the last book you read that you’d recommend?

Properties of Thirst by Marianne Wiggins. It’s a sprawling, powerful family saga about a pioneering California rancher named Rocky Rhodes, who’s fighting the Los Angeles city government over the water rights he desperately needs. As World War II breaks out, Rocky’s son is presumed killed at Pearl Harbor, and the government plants a Japanese internment camp right near the ranch. Rocky, his sister, his son and twin daughter, and the man who loves the daughter are all seeking—and missing—connections, whether it’s connections to other people or to the land. What makes this novel even more amazing is that the author suffered a massive stroke while she was still writing the book, and her daughter helped her finish by reading the manuscript aloud to her more than two dozen times.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food item?
Honestly, it’s plain old dark-meat turkey. (But not the drumstick!) 

If we were to visit you right now, what are some places you'd take us to see?
Since I live in New York City, I’d try to find out-of-the-way places that aren’t on most tourist lists. For instance, I’ve been taking long walks exploring many of the city’s coastlines, and one of my favorite views is the panorama of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens from the tip of Roosevelt Island. Of course I’d take you to the New-York Historical Society, where I volunteer as a guide!

Thanks to Fran for visiting with us and to Caitlin Hamilton Marketing for sharing her book with our readers.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Sara and Melissa Talk About...Starbucks

We've been running a column series (for over two years now!) to get more personal with our readers. This month, we're talking about Starbucks. We both enjoy getting drinks from Starbucks, as do our kids. Melissa even got Sara a Starbucks gift card as a college graduation gift and we call ourselves Basic Bs whenever we get something from Starbucks and report back to each other about it. Coffee shops feature a lot in chick lit novels, so this is relevant to our blog, as well!

We're always open to topic suggestions, so please don't hesitate to share those in the comments. We'd also love to know if you can relate to anything we've said or hear your own thoughts on the topic. So don't be shy. :) We look forward to getting to know you as much as we're letting you get to know us. You can find our previous columns here, in case you missed them.

Sara Steven:

Hi there. My name is Sara, and I’ve got a problem. 

I’m a Starbucks addict.

It wasn’t always that way for me. I never understood it when friends would talk about their Starbucks apps. I couldn’t even fathom putting anything Starbucks-related onto my phone, let alone use an app to attempt to achieve coveted stars. I’d buy Starbucks gift cards, but it was always for my oldest son who is a self-professed Starbucks #basicB, and I’d roll my eyes when he’d beg me to take him through the drive-thru.

I’m trying to pinpoint the exact moment it changed for me. Maybe it was the discovery of their chai tea lattes–I get mine tall, hot, with no water added. And then there are the cheese and fruit and PB & jelly protein boxes that seem to pair nicely with my drink. My latest find is their grilled cheese sandwiches, and I’m not even a fan of sourdough bread ordinarily. Yet I like it! I joke and say that the key to anything from Starbucks is that the food and drink must be laced with something that causes an immediate addiction, and maybe I’m not far off from that assumption. All I know is, I need it. I want it. I gotta have it!

Now I’m just another Starbucks convert who deftly flashes her cell phone screen at the barista at the window, eager to collect the two for one stars–or more stars than that, depending. Sometimes they offer various specials and deals and I can really stack up those points in order to score some tasty freebies. (Yes, I realize they’re not really “free” since I had to pay for the merchandise in order to qualify for anything “free,” but let me live in my ignorance, please.) When my son says, “Mom, let’s go to Starbucks,” I rarely hesitate. I don’t even feel the guilt. It’s too easy when there’s a Starbucks located within our grocery stores and on nearly every corner. 

Like other Starbucks addicts, I think I can break the routine and live without my Starbucks. I tell myself I can go without my latte for one day. Or if I succumb to the temptation, that I deserve my drink. I earned it. 

And now with all of this reflection, I’m seriously craving my chai tea right about now…  

Melissa Amster:

My younger son is a our house. He loves Starbucks' Frappuccinos so much that he is now making them at home. My husband even got this Starbucks brand flavored creamer from Costco to assist in these efforts. He enjoys making them on his own and they look close to the real thing (at least the Vanilla Bean Crème kind). 

He's not the only kid in my house who is addicted to Starbucks. My older son and daughter love their strawberry açaí refresher and usually get that every time we go there. Sometimes my daughter will get a Frappuccino instead, if there's a new flavor that interests her. I'm mainly a fair weather friend when it comes to Starbucks...and that fair weather is usually the winter, when I can get hot cocoa, preferably with peppermint. Sometimes I'll get an iced tea during the summer and I am always glad to enjoy one of their delicious chocolate chip cookies, especially when they are warmed up. However, I frequent Starbucks in the winter. It may or may not be because of their festive holiday cups. ;)

I really like the atmosphere of Starbucks. The low lighting and soft music just add to the ambience and it feels so cozy every time. The baristas are always so friendly and courteous, as well.

My only complaint about Starbucks is that when they have kiosks in Target or Safeway, they don't work with the app and you can't get points on purchases at those locations. (The points that I usually use toward the aforementioned chocolate chip cookies.) I only go to these locations if I'm desperate for hot cocoa, now that I have had the experience of not being able to get points. (I hope Starbucks corporate is reading this post...) #FirstWorldProblems

One last thing: I heard this song at a show the other night and thought all you Starbucks lovers might appreciate it.


Do you like Starbucks? If so, what is your go-to beverage?

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Book Review: The Christmas Trip

By Sara Steven

**Contains spoilers for The Christmas Swap but can be read as a standalone.**

Another year has passed and it’s Christmas again. This year best friends Chloe, Jules and Lucy are all loved up but living worlds apart.

Chloe is madly in love with her celebrity beau, Archer, but after a whirlwind year in Hollywood’s limelight, she’s desperate to get away and spend some quality time together.

Jules loves her Melbourne life – and gorgeous winemaker Matt – but a crowded flat share has her longing for a place of her own.

Meanwhile, Lucy is stuck in a long distance relationship, jetting back and forth between Colorado and London to see Will.

When Archer’s plan to whisk Chloe to Paris goes awry, he surprises her by bringing her friends together for a Christmas to remember… (Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads.)

Having read The Christmas Swap, the prelude to The Christmas Trip (reviewed here), I felt more than excited to catch up with familiar characters in order to see where life has taken them a year after the pivotal swap. I had forgotten the premise behind the ladies and their tight-knit friendship–meeting as children in Hawaii–so that was a nice reminder of just how deep down those roots go, and why their relationships are so important. 

In Swap, I’d felt closer to Lucy’s character, but this go around, it was Chloe who I’d been drawn to. Maybe because of the circumstances surrounding the surprise trip that Archer plans for her and for her friends, or it could be due to feeling as though she’s a bit of the glue that propels the friendships forward. For some reason, whenever Archer is described within the pages, I pictured Justin Hartley–which could have very well sealed the deal for me, too. I really loved Archer and Chloe together, the quintessential unconventional Hollywood couple. 

This time, there is a bit of drama for Lucy and Will, in the form of an unsuspected stowaway at the festivities, which added a great layer of drama. A particular pool scene not only made me inwardly cringe from imagining just how awkward it would be to be in those shoes–poor Will and Lucy–but I also looked forward to seeing how Lucy would handle the situation. 

I loved that the story takes its readers on a destination holiday experience! The majority of us won’t get that kind of opportunity, and it’s something I’ve considered doing for a long time. It really inspired me to someday pull that trigger and do it myself–whether on the sandy, tropical beaches of Hawaii, or the snowy, ice-capped mountains of…Flagstaff? Hey, it’s the closest wintery place that’s nearest to me out here in Arizona, and I think it would definitely fulfill that destination holiday feel for me. I really enjoyed the second installment in this Christmas Romance series. It was a great addition!

Thanks to Rachel's Random Resources for the book in exchange for an honest review.

Sandy Barker is a writer, traveller and hopeful romantic with a lengthy bucket list, and many of her travel adventures have found homes in her novels. She’s also an avid reader, a film buff, a wine lover and a coffee snob. 

Sandy lives in Melbourne Australia with her partner, Ben, who she met while travelling in Greece. Their real-life love story inspired Sandy’s debut novel One Summer in Santorini, the first in the Holiday Romance series with One More Chapter, an imprint of HarperCollins. 

The series continues in That Night in Paris and A Sunset in Sydney and there are two more to come in 2022. Her standalone novel The Christmas Swap celebrates her favourite time of the year, and next up is The Dating Game, a laugh-out-loud romcom set in the world of Reality TV.

Visit Sandy online:
Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram

Visit all the stops on Sandy's blog tour:

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