Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tennis, anyone? How about a free audiobook?

**Giveaway is now closed**

"40 Love" (also known as "The Tennis Party") by Madeleine Wickham (also known as Sophie Kinsella) is being released in the US on August 30th. St. Martin's Press is publishing the print version and Macmillan Audio is releasing the audiobook at the same time. To celebrate this release, Esther Bochner of Macmillan Audio has three audiobooks to share with some lucky readers in the US!

How to win "40 Love" (audiobook): Listen to this audio excerpt* and share with us what stood out most for you. Please include an e-mail address or another way to contact you, should you happen to win.

Bonus entries:
Share a favorite tennis related memory.
Tell us which Madeleine Wickham book is your favorite.
Watch this video of Madeleine Wickham and tell us what stood out for you from what she said:

US only. Ends August 28th at midnight EST.

*If you can't listen for any reason, please just share a favorite tennis related memory or tell us which Madeleine Wickham book is your favorite.


Linda Kish said...

It sounds like a fun book in which tennis ends up being secondary. A romp of the shallow rich with schemes and extortion. I would love to read it. Her books are always fun.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

DD said...
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DD said...

Caroline sounds like a royal beeotch! Poor Georgina. Sounds like Wickham is setting Caroline up for a major conflict or rude awakening during the weekend. I can sense a scene where her husband or daughter (I can only hope!)or even a woman in attendance who perhaps has much less than Caroline will put her in her place in front of all of the other couples in attendance.

My favorite Wickham story is Sleeping Arrangements. I love how Chloe and Hugh are thrown together and are forced to reconcile their feelings for their partners as well as resolve their feelings for each other.

mep said...

I'm an audiobook junkie and especially enjoy novels read by British narrators. I think I'd listen to a British accent reading the phone book and be entertained. I'm intrigued by the mother-daughter interactions.

mep (at) nottobrag (dot) net

Favorite tennis memory? Making a special effort to buy new hair bows to match my tennis clothes before the season started. True.

Favorite Wickham novel? Sleeping Arrangments

Favorite Kinsella novel? Shopaholic and Sister

Thanks for hosting!

DD said...

Eeep! I forgot to leave an email address.

dawndennis66611 at yahoo dot com

That is all.

Amy said...

Caroline sounds like a stuck up, self absorbed socialite & snob!
It's obvious she has no enthusiasm for Georgina's love for horseback riding. A child can sense when their parent(s) is not excited or supportive of their interests and activities.

I played tennis in sophomore year in HS. It was very competitive. Hence I enjoy tennis, and other sports, for leisure.

Madeline's excitement and enthusiasm for this book shines through shows in this video. She's so cute, especially when she says "wicked man."

My favorite Wickham book was "The Wedding Girl."

I know this is not a "Sophie Kinsella" contest, but I have to share that I absolutely loved, couldn't put down "Remember Me" by Kinsella.

E: amyrbromberg@gmail.com

Dolly said...

What stood out for me was how bored Caroline was with everything in her life. Nothing was special, nothing was important, everything was expected, an entitlement, ordinary. I can't wait to hear the book and see what excitement ensues that gets her interested in life!!

jcsites2002 at hotmail dot com

Dolly said...

I haven't read any Wickham books, which makes me even more anxious to read this and see how (if) it differs from the Kinsella books.

My favorite Kinsella book was the first Shopaholic - a classic!

I have no fond tennis memories - they tried to teach me in school and I was horrid!! I was much more a badmitton sort of gal!

(I'm a huge audiobook fan - I commute nearly 2.5 hrs every day, and I go through them like nobody's business!)