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Book Review: With a Little Luck

Classic rock radio DJ, Beryl "Berry" Lambert has always been superstitious, thanks to her professional gambler father and all his beliefs about luck. She feels bad things come in three's and applies this to her luck (or lack thereof) with dating. After hitting two dead ends with guys, she tries to steer clear of another DJ whom she finds attractive. However, their on-air sparring leads to fame and inspires more tensions between them. Will he the one to break her curse of bad things in three's or is Berry taking another gamble in even thinking so.

Melissa A:

I'm already a fan of Caprice Crane's writing and was eagerly anticipating the arrival of "With a Little Luck." It was well worth the (almost) two year wait since I finished her previous novel.

With Berry, Caprice creates a well-defined character who is easy for anyone to relate to, regardless of whether or not they agree with her. She is genuine and down to earth, even though she has all these superstitions and obsessive behaviors. I love all her witty thoughts, whether they're in her head or she says them out loud. I only wish I could get away with the stuff that Berry said, especially the way she delivers her comebacks. I was laughing out loud for most of the novel. Ms. Crane gives off the feel of a Jen Lancaster novel, while staying true to her unique storytelling prowess.

The only criticism I have is with the language. It wasn't necessarily about swearing this time. I didn't feel like there was much swearing, which is fine by me. And if there was, I didn't notice it because I was focused on the amount of times she mentioned bodily fluids (in my world, it's called "potty language"). However, if you can stomach her talking about the fluids exchanged during intercourse (but in a different context), then don't hold back from reading this novel.

Overall, this was an enjoyable story that could easily be a beach read or something to curl up with on the couch on a rainy afternoon. (Or any other time of the year.) It's a book for all seasons! I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a good laugh, interesting characters and witty banter. I only hope Ms. Crane will not wait two more years before producing her next novel!

Melissa P:

“With a Little Luck” had a great story. I think Caprice Crane did a wonderful job of making her main character, Berry, unique and quirky. I also appreciate the small tidbits of rock history trivia that are thrown in as well. While Berry has her “issues”, she is a kind and loving person and is a little too giving and forgiving in some of her relationships, which is the way many of us are or have been. She is easy to relate to in the sense that she is so very “human” and life-like. The idea that a relationship could be doomed because of an obsession with superstition is a genius one on Caprice’s part. I think that she added just the right amount of crazy into her main character, but also the right amount of common sense. I mean think about it, how many of us have those everyday little habits that borderline on OCD? I’m sure it’s more than we realize, so I am able to feel Berry’s pain on some level. I’ve also let people walk all over me and enabled others bad behavior in the past. It’s when we realize that it not only hurts them, but us as well that we truly see the light and stand up for ourselves.

The characters are all fun and easy to get to know. Have you ever met someone and just clicked with them right away? That’s what it felt like for me every time Caprice introduced me to a new character. I saw them, I heard them, and I just “knew” them.
Although there are parts of this book that have a serious undertone, the story never loses the humor and wit that is hidden in between the lines.

I thought this book was fantastic. It was quick-witted, smart, and fun. Just what I needed to lighten my mood and take me away from the real world for a while. I had a hard time putting this book down and it’s a pretty quick read, so if you are LUCKY enough to have a chance, savor it!

"With a Little Luck" has a nice little cameo in a very funny Jane Lynch video. (And Jane, if you're reading our blog, we are GLEEKs and would love to feature you here. :) )

*Thanks to Amy Bromberg for telling us about this video.

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