Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Winners of Jessica Degarmo's books

To find our winners, Melissa A. assigned a number to each entry and Melissa P. (without looking, obviously) chose two numbers at random...16 and 43.

Congrats to BRN2SHOP9 and StereoQueenBee!

Here's a message from Jessica Degarmo:
Congratulations to the winners of the giveaway! I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into my crazy brain, and I hope you like my books. For more on my upcoming releases and other stuff, please visit my blog. Keep in touch, and happy reading!

Reminder: If you have won a book, you have about 48 hours to claim it by sending your contact information. (You will be e-mailed if you have won, as well.) After that time, a new winner will be picked.

Thanks to everyone for participating and to Jessica for a fun interview and for sharing her books with the lucky winners.

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