Sunday, May 8, 2011

Just Us and Our Moms

Since it is Mother's Day, we wanted to pay homage to those special women in our lives by sharing a favorite memory we share with our moms.

Melissa A:
My mom and I have shared a lot of fun times together. We both love to shop (especially now that I got her addicted to the thrift shop by where I live). One special memory involving my mom and the world of retail is when we went shopping for my wedding dress. We didn't argue and she was patient with the process of finding the perfect dress. When I did finally get to that moment, she was in agreement that I had found the dress in which I would get married. It was important to me to have her there. And I think it was something she had always been looking forward to doing with me, as I deprived her of prom dress shopping (by not going to prom). After that experience, I enjoyed shopping with her even more. Whereas I was embarrassed to be seen with her at the mall during my teen years, I now look forward to when we get to shop together.
The other thing that brings us closer is our love of books. We recommend books to each other all the time and even share an interest in some of the same authors. We borrow each other's books, as well.
Even though we clash on our opinions sometimes, we'll always have the moment I found my wedding dress. I also hope my daughter and I will be able to share interests the way my mom and I do.

Melissa P:
I have an endless reserve of great memories involving my mother, but I have to say that some of my favorites are from Christmas. My mother always made the house as festive as possible and she has a giant tree that she decorates beautifully. In the past ten years we have also started another tradition. My mother, sister, niece, and I go to the Ritz Carlton for their annual Teddy Bear Christmas Tea. It's something we look forward to all year and we plan for it months in advance. We drink champagne, tea, and eat a ton of fancy tea sandwiches and desserts. It has been such a great way to spend a day with just the girls and celebrate the holidays together.
My mother is such a beautiful woman both inside and out, and I am very fortunate to have her share so much of my life and to share hers as well. We both love to read, shop, and play board games. We also like many of the same TV shows and movies. My mother has always given me great advice and is always there to listen when I need her. I hope that if I have a daughter someday that I can be as wonderful a mother as my mom.

(I'm on the right in this picture)

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Shaz Goodwin said...

love that you have done this today - thank you for 'sharing' your mums.