Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Winning Wednesday--August 18th

I will only be posting giveaways on this blog from now on. If you have a giveaway that ends before Wednesday of a given week, please feel free to post it at Chick Lit Central on Facebook. You're also welcome to contact me about any giveaways you would like to have listed. (Chick Lit only, please, unless it is for a gift card or book related device.)
Finally, I am no longer going to seek out contests to post. If they happen to show up in my Facebook or Twitter news feed or on my blog reader, I'll be sure to post them. If you think I won't see your contest, please send it to me so I can include it.
Thank you!

New giveaways:

Brand new! Win a copy of "Georgia's Kitchen" from The Book Chick. US/Canada only. (Deadline: September 8th at midnight EST)

We're giving away two signed copies of "Welcome to My Life" by Micheline McAllister. US/Canada only. (Deadline: Friday at 8 am EST)

Not getting the books you want? This might help. Win a $20 Amazon gift card from Simply Stacie. (Deadline: August 28th at 11:59 pm EST)

Confessions of a Bookaholic is giving away
"Life After Yes" by Aidan Donnelley Rowley.
(Deadline: August 31st at 12 pm EST)

Nominate your favorite books in different categories for a chance to win different books each day from Chick Lit Plus. Keep coming back each day to see the latest nomination categories and giveaways! (Deadline: August 23rd)

Win "Sand in My Eyes" by Christine Lemmon from Books and Needlepoint US/Canada only. (Deadline: August 31st)

Win an audio book of "The Island" by Elin Hilderbrand from Bookhounds. US/Canada only, no PO Boxes. (Deadline: August 25th)

A Bookworm's World has your chance to win Fragile by Lisa Unger. US/Canada only. (Deadline: September 5th at 6 pm EST)

Manic Mommy is giving away three new books in the Amazing Hot Chocolate Grace Book Giveaway. US/Canada only. (Deadline unknown)

Jane Porter is having a photo contest for a chance to win a fabulous prize package! (Deadline: September 10th)

Three chances to win "She's Gone Country" by Jane Porter:
*Romance Author Buzz (Deadline: September 30th)

*Books with a Cup of Coffee US/Canada only, no PO Boxes. (Deadline: Tomorrow)

*Simply Stacie
US/Canada only, no PO Boxes. (Deadline: August 27th at 11:59 pm EST.)

Read it Forward has two books for you to win:
*"Fragile" by Lisa Unger
*"The Stuff that Never Happened" by Maddie Dawson
(Deadline: Friday)

Win "Trust" by Kate Veitch from Diary of an Eccentric. (Deadline: August 22nd at 11:59 pm EST)

Kristina Riggle has a fun photo contest for a chance to win "The Life You've Imagined." (Deadline: August 24th, end of day)

Win "A Desirable Residence" by Madeleine Wickham from Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog. Make sure you use the form that is on their page, instead of the comment section. US/Canada only. (Deadline: August 21st at 2 am EST).

Readaholic has your chance to win "Simply from Scratch" by Alicia Bessette. US Only. (Deadline: Friday)

Chick Lit is Not Dead is giving away "Waxed" by Robert Rave. (Deadline: Tomorrow)

You can also win "Waxed" from A Novel Menagerie. US/Canada only. (Deadline: August 31st)

Win "Her Fearful Symmetry" by Audrey Niffenegger from Simply Stacie. (Deadline: August 28th at 11:59 pm EST)

Sophie Kinsella is giving away advance copies of her new book, "Mini-Shopaholic".
Winners will receive their own copy of the book (prior to publication) in a "Keep Calm and Carry on" shopping bag signed by Sophie. (Deadline: Tomorrow at midnight BST)

Stay tuned for our interview with Clodagh Murphy and a chance to win a signed copy of "Girl in a Spin!"

Previously posted (still going on):
"The Book Chick" is giving away "Tuesday Tells it Slant" by Holly Christine. US/Canada only. (Deadline: September 1st at midnight EST)

Win lunch in your hometown with Jen Lancaster and Stacey Ballis! See the blog post for details. US only. (Deadline: September 6th at 11:59pm CST)

I Want a New Book, Every Month has "Bad Girls" by Rebecca Chance up for grabs. UK only. (Deadline: Unknown)

Win "Her Fearful Symmetry" by Audrey Niffenegger from A Cozy Reader's Corner. US Street addresses only. (Deadline: August 28th at 11:59 pm EST)

Isabel Wolff is judging the Extra Shorty Contest from Chick Lit Shorties. (Deadline: Tomorrow at midnight EST)

Readaholic has your chance to win "Mercury in Retrograde" by Paula Froelich. US/Canada only. (Deadline: August 21st)

A Bookworm's World has three AUDIO copies of "Backseat Saints" by Joshilyn Jackson. US/Canada, no PO boxes. (Deadline: September 4th at 6 pm EST)

SheKnows has your chance to win "Love in Mid Air" by Kim Wright. US and Canada only. (Deadline: August 27th)

Win "Fragile" by Lisa Unger from Bless Their Hearts Mom. US/Canada only. (Deadline: Tomorrow at midnight EST)

Booking Mama also has a chance for you to win "Fragile". US/Canada only. (Deadline: Tonight at 11:59 p.m. EST)

Along the Way is giving away "She's Gone Country" (Deadline: August 25th) and "Hearts on a String" (Deadline: August 21st)
Both are for US/Canada only and no P.O. Boxes.

Enter to win a copy of "Winging It" by Jenny Gardiner" from Books on the House. US/Canada only. (Deadline unknown)

Allie Larkin is hosting a photo contest for a chance to win a $50 iTunes gift card!: "Stay" on Vacation. (Deadline: End of summer)


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Thanks for the links, but which one is the link to Lauren Weisberger's giveaway? I have been looking for a giveaway with her latest book.