Sunday, August 15, 2010

Guest Blogger Book Review: The Beach House

Guest Blogger Jencey Gortney reviewed "The Beach House" by Jane Green:

"The Beach House" is the story of Nan Powell who owns a house in Nantucket after having to sell a lot of the property. She has had to sell because of the debt left by her husband. One day she meets with her financial person and he tells her she is still has financial problems. So Nan decides to rent out rooms in her house to boarders for the summer. The hope is that it would bring enough money to help her get by.

The other characters in the book are the boarders that end up at her house. She has a son Michael who is in desperate need of a change. He comes back and helps his mom with the boarders. Next there is Daff who is recovering from a divorce and ends up bringing her daughter to the island. Then there is Daniel who is dealing with his own crisis of identity. A surprise guest also makes an appearance that affects everyone at the house.

I have not read many of Jane Green's books. The only other book I have read is "Bookends." I was interested in reading more of her books and so "The Beach House" became the next choice. I liked the book. I liked how Jane brought together people from different walks of life to this beach house in Nantucket. Through the experience they were united in helping Nan. Jane gives the book a family sort of feel to it. I look forward to her next book.

Jencey Gortney has loved reading ever since she was little. More recently, she has developed a love for Chick Lit. She is a teaching assistant in her everyday life. She lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area. She started writing a year ago and has started working on her first novel.


Myra C said...

I enjoyed the review, I will have to add this book to my to be read list.

Unknown said...

I haven't read any Jane Greene, but I've heard good things. This book, while not new, is on my list of things to read. Thanks for your review.