Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Guest Blogger Book Review: Me vs. Me

Guest blogger Antonietta Toth reviewed "Me vs Me" by Sarah Mlynowski:

"Blowing out the candles, pennies down a well. People made wishes all the time.
How was I to know that mine would come true?"

Gabby Wolf thought she had made a decision: To leave her comfortable, uneventful life with her boyfriend in Phoenix for her dream career as a producer at the Number 1 News channel in New York. However all this changes two nights prior to her departure by her boyfriend, Cam, taking her out to a desert for a meteor shower and proposing to her! Now Gabby is faced with a confrontation: settle down, jobless, with her loving fiance or live the fabulous single life pursuing her dream? The evening of the proposal, as she lays in the back of Cam's truck, she makes a wish on a shooting star that she could have it all. Never did she expect for it to come true!

The book interchanges between her life in Phoenix, with her new fiance Cam, and her new life in New York. It's comical to read about Gabby living each day twice. In one realm, Cam's overbearing mother is planning Gabby's wedding, while in the other she's a successful single producer trying to play the field. As time moves on, all of this becomes overwhelming to Gabby. Heather, her New York roommate, is unbalanced, and Cam becomes clingy. Gabby realizes what's really most important to her and has to figure out how to make the two worlds become one.

Sarah Mlynowski does an excellent job switching back and forth between both realms, especially in the minds of the readers. It is an enjoyable, science fiction chick lit tale that readers can relate to. It is a fun fantasy of "what ifs" and hard choices, that this character gets to live through. It's definitely a good, quick read with a creative story-line.

Antonietta Toth is a literacy teacher in an inner city school, who has a true passion for reading and writing.

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