Friday, August 13, 2010

Getting to!

Melissa P. and I wanted to take some time out of our hectic lifestyles to tell you more about ourselves. We give you the chance to learn more about authors, but what do you know about us?

First of all, we have quite a few things in common (aside from our first names, our obvious love for chick lit and same tastes in books):
*Same first initial of our maiden name (hers is Smoot and mine is Silverman).
*Same model house growing up (just two doors and one number away).
*We both took theater classes in high school (we attended the same high school for a short period of time).
*We both love “Coyote Ugly” and "Ugly Betty."
*We both have sisters (hers is older, mine is younger). I'm one year younger than her sister and she's one year older than mine.
*We both had dogs when we were growing up (she has dogs now too).
*We've both been married for 6 years (and our husbands are good cooks, but hers is a professional chef).

We decided to share five things about ourselves as individuals, as well.

Melissa A.:
1. I am Modern Orthodox Jewish. I keep a Kosher home and observe Shabbos and holidays. For more insight, check out this post I wrote on my personal blog.
2. I love Broadway musicals and have no interest in politics. However, I traded in living by Times Square to living by Capitol Hill and as Glinda says in "Wicked": "I couldn't be happier!"
3. I have a huge crush on Adam Lambert. It goes beyond any crush I've had an a celebrity in the past, including Michael J. Fox, Patrick Swayze, Joey McIntyre or David Duchovny.
4. I haven't set foot in an IHOP in 14 years because I worked there during a summer break from college and the working conditions were so horrible that I have a personal boycott now.
5.I took improv comedy classes from Comedy Sportz.

To learn even more about me, check out my personal blog!

Melissa P.:
1. I am part (and not just 1/64th!) Native American (Muscogee Creek).
2. I am obsessed with any candy that is gummy and sour, especially sour gummy lifesavers!
3. I live in Arizona but I despise lying out in the sun, it’s boring and not to mention dangerous.
4. I have a serious passion for all things dance, especially ballet and hip hop.
5. I am currently co-authoring my first novel (chick lit of course) and it’s taking entirely too long to finish. :)

You're welcome to visit my personal blog, as well!

Now that you have gotten to know us better, give us a chance to learn more about you too! If you haven't yet visited the "Getting to Know You" discussion on Chick Lit Central, please stop by and answer some fun questions!


rhapsodyinbooks said...

This was very fun. Thanks for sharing all that stuff with us. Lots of amazing coincidences, like growing up practically next door in the same kind of house and THEN both getting husbands that cook! Maybe I should have grown up on that same block too! :--)

Melissa said...

i don't think any of the same people live on our old block. i'd be shocked if there were still old-timers. :) we both moved far away from the chicago suburbs where we grew up.