Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Say cheese: Why family portraits are fun

Introduction by Melissa Amster

In honor of Family Month, we have a special guest here to talk about family portraits and why it's good to do them every now and then. I know I occasionally love coordinating clothes and taking my kids to JC Penney, where the photographer makes funny noises to bring out their most adorable smiles.

Meet Janice, who is going to introduce herself before talking about her topic. Please give her a warm CLC welcome!

My name is Janice Nyam. I am a Cameroonian Freelance Portrait/Commercial Photographer in Malibu, California, and also a current student at Pepperdine University. Earlier this year, I discovered a profound fascination and love for photography. Since then, I’ve enjoyed working and collaborating with families, friends and other entrepreneurs like myself to visually transcend their visions into a memorable reality. Visit me at SplendidJanie Photography, and on Instagram.

”Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still." - Dorothea Lange

Five Reasons Why You Should Get Family Portraits Taken

1. It is a Fun and Memorable Experience in Itself!

The entire process of choosing a theme, what to wear, a sentimental location and bringing the whole family together to experience a day filled with smiles and laughter is by far the simplest way to spend quality time while still making memories. In my professional experience, Outdoor Family Portrait sessions tend to bring out the most authentic expressions. Families feel more rejuvenated and free when they can easily connect with their surroundings. As a result, those first few minutes of awkward robotic smiles are guaranteed to fade into candid -like moments.

2. It Is a Priceless Way to Preserve Memories for Generations to Come!

Today, we rely on smart phones to safely keep our photos. Half of the time, we end up having to delete them because we need more space for other media’s such as music, videos and ironically, even more photos. Having professional family portraits done completely takes out the worry and hassle and replaces it with peace of mind and the confidence that comes with having a physical print or photo album. For decades to come, you can always look back and reminisce with family and friends.

Photo by Loren Kerns

3. It Adds a Personal Touch to any Living Space.

Whether you’re living in an apartment, house or dormitory, displaying family photographs is sure to add a splash of personality and that missing homey feeling we all inherently crave. Framed photographs serve as a constant reminder of the people we love and cherish. Sometimes, that’s really all we need. Family portraits displayed in impersonal settings such as offices are great conversation starters for clients. And, the more your clients know about you and your background, the more trustworthy you become in their eyes.

Photo by Travis Isaacs

4. Share with Long Distance Family and Friends.

Like most people, you most likely have family and friends scattered across the world. So, what better way is there to share memories and keep everyone in the loop of all things family? Family Portraits! With technology at our fingertips, we can easily share photographs with family members and friends all across the globe. At the same time, it doesn’t hurt to spontaneously mail physical photograph prints. There is just an overall sentimental value attached to prints that digital photographs can never match.

Photo by GoodNCrazy
5. An Opportunity to Get the Celebrity Treatment.

Family portraits are an investment. Although most of our focus is on the outcome of the final delivered images, the experience is almost just as critical. As a photographer, my job is to make sure my clients feel confident and comfortable with me and my camera before I can even think of pressing the shutter. So, I try to reassure them by explaining that the whole process is supposed to be fun, creative and that there is always a place for their unique personality and most importantly, their nerves. In the end, you can easily realize that the professional taking your picture has thought ahead for you. So, you need not worry about running out of poses, anchoring your fly away hairs or having lipstick on your teeth. Your photographer has been trained to purposely make you feel confident and ready to create those timeless photographs of your family you’ve always dreamed of.


Janine said...

I always love seeing how creative people get with their family portraits. We never did them growing up, but I would love for me and my husband to have some pictures done one day. the only time we had professional pictures done was for our wedding 7 years ago.

Bonnie K. said...

My sister-in-law arranged a photo shoot recently. She had us all wear blue jeans. It was outdoors on their property and was of all of us on my side of the family. I've submitted my order for many copies to share.