Friday, September 9, 2016

Book Review: My Kind of Perfect

By Sara Steven

**Contains spoilers for Friends Like These (the first book in the series).**

The gang is back!

The same lovable, misfit characters I discovered while reading Friends Like These (reviewed here), are once again front and center, lending us a glimpse into their somewhat unconventional, slightly chaotic lives. Marie and Brian are engaged, ready to take the plunge into happily ever after. Marie’s best friend, Grace, is also gearing up for her own nuptials, but nothing has been smooth sailing for her. She’s trying desperately to have the perfect wedding, which is no surprise, since Grace is the epitome of perfection. This can definitely cause friction with Marie, considering Marie is more of a go with the flow kind of gal.

It doesn’t help that Brian isn’t around. He’s had a lot going on behind the scenes, trying to stay afloat with his career. It seems the more Marie tries to spend quality time with him, the more distant he becomes. Sure, she has her Fat Club crew, friends she can rely on and depend on to keep her in check, yet with Brian missing, it never feels as though the picture is complete. It doesn’t bode well when the one who’s usually sane (Brian) isn’t. And, the one who isn’t organized (Marie) is the one taking the reigns and keeping everyone in line. Will Marie and Brian find their way to the alter? Will Grace? And, will Marie and Grace get over the bumps in their friendship, or is it best to part ways?

Like it’s predecessor, My Kind of Perfect feels like a sit-down with a group of friends, much like Fat Club, I’d imagine. Hannah Ellis tells the story of Marie and her friends in a way that feels comfortable. I had a great time reacquainting myself with every single character. While I would have appreciated more backstory, so the two novels tied together a little more flawlessly, I still enjoyed my seat on the Fat Club couch, listening in on everyone’s lives and experiences. I know there's another installment in this series, Christmas With Friends (which is actually the second book) and I'm definitely going to check it out. Keep a seat open for me, Marie!

Thanks to Hannah Ellis for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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