Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Book Review: Catch a Falling Star

By Sara Steven

When TV star Wendy Hunter is about to have her most closely guarded secret viciously exposed by the paparazzi, she desperately tosses out a juicy bone to distract them: she announces her engagement to southern high school football coach Colin Scott. One problem. She's not really engaged to him. In fact, she barely knows him. Um ... barely. But will one unforgettable night last year be enough to get him to go along with her charade?

Wendy goes to Louisiana to see him and discovers that Colin is not so thrilled to be suddenly "engaged" to her. He's got some secrets of his own that his famous "fiancée" is putting in serious jeopardy. Still, he agrees to her fake engagement ... as long as she agrees to play by his rules: Wendy has to stay in town for three weeks to play the part of Colin's one true love, all without wrecking his life.

Let the games begin. But when their time together is up, will either of them be able to--or want to--go back to the way things were?
(synopsis courtesy of Amazon)

I’m such a huge fan of the "Love in the Limelight" series. I was very excited when given the opportunity to read about Wendy’s adventures, especially after reading about her through the eyes of the other characters in other books. This time, though, it’s told through Wendy’s own perspective, completely contradicting how so many others have seen her, for so long. It’s nice to hear her side of the story.

And then there’s Colin. A man who is so far removed from the life that Wendy chooses to live, that it’s hard to believe these two can have any sort of attraction for one another. After their one night together, he figured that was it. There’s so much about her he can’t stand. And, when Wendy makes it a point to tell the whole world she’s engaged to him, it could threaten to destroy everything he’s worked so hard for. Which is so totally like her. It’s all about the Wendy show, and everyone else is just a secondary character. Or, are they?

I loved the constant magnetic pull (and repulsion) Wendy and Colin have. It's nearly combustible! Just when I thought they may have a chance at having a go at a real relationship, it’s two steps forward, three steps back. Which completely had me on the hook. I never wanted to put the book down! What I also appreciated were the scenarios involving other characters from the rest of the Limelight series. No one was forgotten. I got to catch up on Lola and Arlen, from Queen of the Universe, as well as a surprise cameo from Miss Adventure herself, Lisa Flyte. Geralyn handled this effortlessly, inserting the beloved characters into Wendy’s world, as though they’d always belonged there. Which, come to think of it, they really always have.

While Catch a Falling Star stands alone quite well on its own, and can be read independently from the rest of the books in the series, I highly suggest engaging in all three! Geralyn has created incredible characters who stick with you, making it near impossible to read just one.

Thanks to KEPR Tours for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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Janine said...

Sounds like a fun story. I love the cover too.

Cal said...

Sounds like something I'd looooove!!

Geralyn Corcillo said...

Janine, thanks so much! And Sue Traynor is not only a cover artist of awesome talent, but she is a dream to work with - so very professional and collaborative! Every cover she does for me blows me away :) I'm so glad you love it too!

Geralyn Corcillo said...

Hi "the other one"! I hope you do love it :) I hope reading always brings you joy and I know Chick Lit Central is rich and abundant when it comes to the best books!

Geralyn Corcillo said...

Sara, your review has knocked my socks off. You leave me humbled and verklempt. I am so happy that you enjoyed all my favorite things about Catch a Falling Star. Thank you so much for so eloquently sharing your joy with the wonderful Chick Lit Central fans.

Geralyn Corcillo said...
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Geralyn Corcillo said...

This is the comment I removed minus the typo ( I freaked because a bee was buzzing around my head as I wrote. We have a bee hive in our attic and it always jolts me a little when they get in my office. I took it outside and let it go.) So here is the comment: And Melissa Amster, thank you so much for featuring a review of my third romantic comedy novel on your wonderful site. Chick Lit Central is truly a cut above.