Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Writing is the EASY part!

By Cindy Roesel

Happy Anniversary VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED! We're celebrating my baby novel's one-year anniversary! She officially went live on Amazon March 22, 2012. VDA had her publication party at the Miami Bookstore, Books & Books April 19th and the kindle edition went hot April 29th. Today we're smack in the middle of the one-year anniversary festivities and celebrating with key lime pie and martinis. (Or a combination of both in one!)

What have we learned over the past year? First thing I want to share is something I didn't want to believe is true. Writing the book is the easy part! Not in easy-easy, of course, it takes a lot of work to write a novel. But I thought with my personality and so-called "connections" in media, I'd know how to "sell" my novel. Yes, it's true, some of us writers admittedly want people to buy our books and hopefully read them. Turns out, it's a whole unique paradigm, a different landscape out there in the publishing world. But it's fun and it's about the writing and the journey, too.

I had been blessed to be part of the Chick Lit Central team for over a year, when I told Melissa A. that I was self-publishing my novel and soon they were behind me promoting it. I was a lucky girl/author! We did a lot of blogging, I was able to get some guest blog spots and we held some contests. I am so grateful to The Melissas, Amy and all my friends at CLC.

In addition to reviews for CLC, I'm writing weekly reviews for my fellow Chick-lit Central/Goddess/Chicks-Authors on my blog. It started when eight of the gals posted their novels for 99 cents on Valentine's Day! I thought that was very generous, so why not review their books. Eventually, I hope to get around to reviewing everyone who has ever written a chick-lit novel. Of course, if someone wants to read and write a review for VDA, that's always appreciated. I also hope to finish writing my sequel and second novel soon, but that's another post discussion.

When I first launched VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED, I hired a publicist who got VDA placement on Miami television and in the newspapers. After that I, I went on a national blog tour and did interviews and appearances at local bookstores. I keep my website fresh with new photos on the slide show and updated with the search engine optimization/SEO (I'm still learning about that :-) ). FYI: I was lucky to have the lovely Dina Silver stop by my publication party. She's pictured at the Miami, Books & Books signing and "The Situation" is at one of my Miami Airport book signings. He was on his way to see the girls at The View.  I gave him a book and I still wonder if he ever passed it on!

I have book signings at Miami International Airport at least once a month. It makes sense to go where I know I will have people show up rather than a local bookstore where no one may come in. I end up meeting many people and selling and signing books that travel around the world.

When it comes to social media, Facebook is number one for target audience penetration followed by twitter. I'm constantly trying to add interesting information to my page, along with pictures to attract followers. That's where I spend most of my time networking online.

When it comes down to it I would have done several things differently when I published VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED, but I'm proud of how we created BluePointPress and published VDA. Kirkus Reviews gave VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED a very good review and I'm extremely humbled by that. It was our first time in the publishing world and it could have gone another way. Next time, we'll create buzz BEFORE the book comes, unlike this time, when we worried so much about having the book ready and in our hands first. 

I'm attending a publishing seminar in June at the Graduate school of my Alma Mater, CUNY, Hunter College. Take a peek at who will be there. It's a who's-who of the publishing world. Less than a dozen of us have been accepted. I plan on doing much better with my next publishing project.

Thank you everyone for your support, especially Melissa A. and the chicks at Chick Lit Central who have been there for me "in good times and in bad" and all my other on-line chickies! It not only takes a village, it takes megabites! I really love you and support you in all your ventures! xoxoxo

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Kerry Ann @Vinobaby's Voice said...

Oh goodness... It's hard to believe that even after we manage (IF we manage) to polish a book to publication, there is so much more involved. Thanks for sharing your journey—and your lessons learned.