Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Winners of "Market Street"

To find our winners, we assigned a number to each entry (from only the entries with contact info) and asked to choose FIVE numbers.

Congrats to:

16 - rubyreba
50- Linda Kish
88- bn100
93- Bridget O'Neill
131- Tiffany Drew

Here is a message from Anita Hughes:

Dear Winners:

I am so pleased you won a copy of my new novel, MARKET STREET! Thank you so much for your interest and for following Chick Lit Central. Being able to connect with my readers is the most important thing to me, and I am always thrilled when new readers find me on their blog! Enjoy the book and let me know what you think. You can find me on Facebook or Twitter or on my website,

Again, thank you for your interest!

Anita Hughes

Reminder: If you have won a book, you have about 48 hours to claim it by sending your contact information. (You will be e-mailed if you have won, as well.) After that time, a new winner will be picked.

Thanks to everyone for participating and telling us about a food you didn't want to eat for a long time, but once you did, you liked it.

Thanks to Anita for a wonderful interview and St. Martin's Press for sharing the book with our winners.

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Tiffany Drew said...

Woohoo! Thank you so much, can't wait to start reading :)

rubynreba said...

Thanks! I will send you my information. I know I will love the book.