Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Guest Book Review: And Then I Found You

By Marlene Engel

To 13 year-old Katie Vaughn, March 20th was not only the first day of spring, it was the start of what would become many firsts in her life. Jack Adams had told her that a promise made on the first day of spring was a promise that you could never break. Katie realized that today had been the day of a lot of firsts for her. Firsts that she did not realize would affect her forever.

Through the years Katie and Jack dated but things hit a rough patch when Katie took a job across the country. While home visiting, Katie discovered that Jack was dating someone new. All it took was one kiss for their emotions to take over and their bodies to react. Little did they know that this one act, something that they had shared many times in the past, would be the thing that would bind their lives forever.

It was March 20, 1997, the first day of spring. Katie just gave birth to her and Jack’s daughter, Luna. What would normally be a joyous day was filled with sadness. Jack was married and Katie couldn’t bear the thought of raising their daughter alone. Holding Luna in her arms, Katie gave her daughter one last kiss and handed her over to the social worker. She was now someone else’s child.

Like most adopted children, 13 year-old Emily Jackson had unanswered questions about her birth family. Reluctantly, her adoptive mother agreed to go online with her and see what they could find. In this day and age, with social media and the advancement of technology, it didn’t take long for them to get a lead. A lead that would eventually bring Emily to the answers that she has longed for … or did she?

And Then I Found You is a very powerful and moving book. It touches on the very delicate subject of adoption and the emotions both birth and adoptive families face during the process. The author did a great job showcasing the struggles both families endure when giving up and adopting a child. The book was very well written and the story was told to perfection. I really enjoyed each of the characters and their own unique ways that they handled this difficult situation. As a mother of an adopted daughter, this book really hit home. I could relate to the concerns and emotions that the adopted family felt. I, too, wonder what kind of questions my daughter will ask? What kinds of emotions will she go through? Will she feel like she wasn’t wanted? Will she know how much we wanted and love her? The author did a fantastic job addressing all of these questions and more. I absolutely loved reading this book and didn’t want it to end. I give this book a FIVE out of FIVE star rating. If it were possible to give it a higher rating, I would. I can honestly say that this is the best book I’ve ever read! I would absolutely recommend it to others.

Thanks to Wunderkind PR for the book in exchange for an honest review. They're giving away a copy along with Patti's interview.

Marlene Engel is a stay at home mom who runs a home daycare. She lives in Clifton Park, New York with her husband and (almost) three year-old daughter. She also has three older boys who live away from home while attending college. She is an adoptive/foster parent and an advocate for the special needs population. In her spare time she enjoys reading and getting together with her book club. 

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