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Books of the Week - April 8th

Thanks for checking out Books of the Week! There are nine of us and we can't keep up with the many review requests we receive, even though we'd love to read everything sent our way. Therefore, we have decided to give some books their time in the spotlight and introduce you to them through this new blog feature. We will be featuring two books a week. We hope you will take the time to check these books out. (Click the titles to find them on Amazon.) If you read them and want to write a guest blogger review for us, please e-mail us and we'll be glad to work with you!

Authors: Please see our current review policy for more information about the Books of the Week feature. A few months ago, we decided to phase-out Books of the Week and replace it with a new page that we call our Book Shelf. Today is the last time we will feature Books of the Week on Chick Lit Central. The Book Shelf page is updated every Monday. We encourage you to take stop by and check out what we are currently featuring on that page!

Thank you.

The Seeds of a Daisy
By Alison Caiola

Popular actress Lily Lockwood has it all. She shares her life and gorgeous beachfront Malibu home with her even more gorgeous actor boyfriend. Perfect, right? Not so much! Within a matter of a few days, it all falls apart! She finds out that her boyfriend,on location shooting a Western, is riding horses all day and his curvy co-star all night. Before Lily can catch her breath, she gets word her mother is in intensive care following a near-fatal accident.

Lily flies across the country to be by her side. While rifling through Daisy’s papers, she comes across shocking information about her mother that threatens to shake her very foundation. Lily embarks
on a journey of self-discovery and closure as she seeks to unlock the mysteries of her mother’s past

Alison Caiola can be found on Facebook and Twitter.


12 Lessons
By Kate Spencer

It's chick lit with a twist and the story is about Stephanie Slater, a girl who is trapped in the materialistic side of life, her marriage is a fa├žade and she will do anything to keep up with the Joneses. After an accidental psychic reading at a house party, the cracks in her life are exposed and things unravel very quickly. Her life hits rock bottom and she has no choice but to look seriously at the 12 Lessons that the psychic gives her in order to reclaim herself and the life that she wants.

Kate Spencer can be found on Twitter.


School Ties
By Emma Lee-Potter

Downthorpe Hall. A posh public school in the Home Counties. Will Hughes has been installed as the new headmaster - fresh from working in an inner-city Comprehensive. Will knows there will be challenges ahead. Difficult parents, rebellious teenagers, and jealous teachers who will fight his attempts to reform the school. What he didn't expect was a battle for his heart.

But when he meets the fiercely ambitious deputy head Grace Foley, and the brilliantly smart science teacher Henry Mead, Will realises that the ties at Downthorpe are not just the kind you wear around your neck. What follows is a tangle of competing ambitions and desires that will leave Will bemused - and may force him to choose between the job he has always wanted and the woman of his dreams.

'School Ties' is a sparkling romantic comedy that takes the reader inside the cloistered, elite world of a top public school. It introduces a brilliant cast of characters that will entrance and entertain the reader.

School Ties is $2.99 on Kindle.

Emma Lee-Potter can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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