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A "night" to remember with Sophie a book giveaway

Photo by Blake Little
Introduction and interview by Melissa Amster

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If you don't already know this by now, I am a huge Sophie Kinsella fan. I even wrote a tribute to her last year, during International Chick Lit Month. Her books are so clever, funny and endearing (as are the characters in each book). And from doing this interview with her, I like her even more as a person, as she seems so sweet, genuine and down-to-earth. I could totally see myself hanging out with her if she ever came to my town for a visit. (A girl can dream, right?!?)

Sophie has earned her notoriety in the chick lit universe, with her Shopaholic series AND her stand-alone novels. She also writes chick lit novels under her real name, Madeleine Wickham. They have a different feel to them, but still worth checking out.

I am thrilled and honored to be able to share this interview with Sophie Kinsella, as it is her first time visiting Chick Lit Central. (I hope it won't be her last!) I wouldn't mind an in-person visit one of these days, but again, that's just wishful thinking on my part. I'd probably end up all star struck anyway! You can find Sophie at her website and Facebook.

UK cover
I want to thank Transworld Publishers for coordinating this interview. Also, thanks to Random House, we have TWO copies of her latest novel, Wedding Night to share with lucky readers in the US and/or Canada. In addition, I'd like to personally share some of her previous stand alone novels with our readers anywhere in the world. (Even if you've read them before, you're still welcome to enter and share the prize with someone else who hasn't experienced the joy of a Sophie Kinsella novel before.) It's a surprise as to which books I've chosen to share!

In regards to the topic of your latest novel, Wedding Night, what is your favorite memory from your own wedding?
I will always remember walking up the aisle on my father's arm, while a choir made up of all our friends belted out Vivaldi. It was quite overwhelming.

Out of all your characters from any of your novels, who do you relate to most? Least?
I relate to all my heroines - they all have a piece of me in them. I'm a fantasist like Becky Bloomwood, and I'm a a bit of a klutz like Emma Corrigan and I'm a real romantic like Lottie. I suppose the girl I relate to least is Becky's sister Jess - she is so practical and unromantic. But that's not to say I don't understand and respect her.

Any plans for future Shopaholic novels or another way to keep us updated on the whereabouts of Becky?
Yes, I am planning another Shopaholic book. I am missing Becky myself!

Of your stand-alone books, which do you think would make a great movie and who would you cast in the lead roles?
I think The Undomestic Goddess would make a great movie but I've no idea who I would cast. I just know that Nathaniel would have to be someone gorgeous!

Since your name is an alias, how did you come up with it in the first place?
Sophie is my middle name and Kinsella is my mother's maiden name. Growing up, I always loved the name Kinsella so I was very happy to have a way to use it!

Special thanks to Sophie for visiting with us, Transworld for coordinating the interview and Random House for sharing Wedding Night with our readers!

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How to win Wedding Night OR a previous Sophie Kinsella novel:
Please comment below with your e-mail address. (Please note: Entries without an e-mail address will NOT be counted. You can use AT and DOT to avoid spam. Or provide a link to your Facebook page or blog if you can receive messages there.)

If you live in the US or Canada, please indicate that, as well. (Otherwise, your entry will NOT also count toward Wedding Night.)

Bonus entries:
1. Please tell us: What is your favorite Sophie Kinsella novel? (If you haven't read her novels yet, tell us which one you'd want to read first.)
2. Follow this blog and post a comment saying you are a follower (if you already follow, that's fine too).
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US/Canada only for Wedding Night.
Worldwide for previous novels.
Giveaway ends April 30th at midnight EST.


BRN2SHOP9 said...

Brn2shop9 at gmail dot com

I love Sophie Kinsella's books!

BRN2SHOP9 said...
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BRN2SHOP9 said...

My favorite book by Ms Konsella is Undomestic Goddess.

Brn2shop9 at gmail dot com

BRN2SHOP9 said...

I follow via Facebook, twitter, and GFC

Brn2shop9 at gmail dot com

Book Mama said...

I live in the US

My favorite was Can You Keep A Secret.

I follow this blog

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I added Cheryl Landry to the CLC FB page

karenk said...

can you believe I have not read any of sophie's novels...yet!

i'm a follower

kmkuka at yahoo dot co

Hailey Fish said...

Sounds like a great read. :)
I'm from the US

1. I haven't read Sophie Kinsella yet but I would like to read Confessions of a Shopaholic.
2. I follow the blog
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Unknown said...

I follow this blog

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love all your books
have tweeted:)

JCzaplewski said...

My favorite book is "The Undomestic Goddess."

I also posted on Facebook and RTed on Twitter.

JROSEN60 said...

1. Shopaholic Takes Manhattan
2. I Follow
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Serena said...

My favorite of her non-shopaholic books is Undomestic Goddess - I had fantasies about Nathanial!

savvyverseandwit AT gmail DOT com

I follow on Twitter and some of the Pinterest boards.

I follow the blog via email.

I signed up to join your Facebook group..

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Suzanne said...

1. Favorite book - Can you keep a secret!!
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suzannefine @

ufruth said...

I have read almost all of her books - love them! Thanks Melissa!!

Ruth Lamberty
ufruth at yahoo dot com

fredamans said...

Thanks for the chances to win!

I live in Canada.


fredamans said...

The only Sophie Kinsella book I have read is Twenties Girl, and I loved it!!


fredamans said...

Follow via GFC


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fredamans said...

Already a member of Chick Lit FB group. (Freda Mans)


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Lisamarie said...

I love the shopaholic series!
I am a CLC blog follower
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Anonymous said...

I love the original Shopaholic

Paula said...


I love the original Shopaholic

Na said...

My first book by Sophie Kinsella is The Undomestic Goddess and I've been hooked. That one is probably my favorite because it was my first :) I love her characters!


Sue G. said...

I own probably 5 of her books and they are in my TBR stack.

1. The first I will read is probably I've Got Your Number because I actually bought that one in hardback.
2. Yes, I am a follower of the blog
3. Posted contest on facebook (Sue Galuska)
4. I'm on Chick Lit Central on facebook :)
6. I think my mom signed up (Shirley Burgo or

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Nova said...
I live in the U.S.
I follow this blog by email.
I follow this blog by GFC.
I am a fan of CLC on facebook.
I follow CLC on pinterest.
I would love to read the book: "Remember Me".

Kristen said...

I was hooked from the very first Shopaholic book - they are such fun!

I follow on fb and email.


Anonymous said...

I love all Sophie Kinsella's books. Aside from Discworld ovels they are the only books to literally make me laugh out loud and there;s normally a twist or two to keep you on your toes.
My favourite is 'Can You Keep A Secret?' because someone finding out all your stupid little secrets would be an absolute nightmare!

Jessica said...

1. Seriously, you want me to pick a favorite? I think that's impossible! I guess I would have to say her latest, I've Got Your Number. It made me laugh out loud it was so funny and books rarely do that to me!
2. I follow this blog through GFC.
3. I tweeted this.
4. I'm a member of Chick Lit Central on facebook.
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I live in the US.

Thanks so much!
-Jessica M

Mrs Mommy Booknerd said...

twenties girl is my fav so far!

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Amy said...

I love Sophie Kinsella's books. My favorite is the first Shopaholic book. I am a member of her Facebook, Pinterest and twitter.

Unknown said...

Thanks for offering this giveaway! kateivan (at) aol (dot) com

1. "Can You Keep A Secret?"
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Unknown said...

It's a toss-up between Can You Keep a Secret? and Undomestic Goddess. I love all of her books, but those two are my favorites!

I follow the blog
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I follow on twitter

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed the Shopaholic books.

susieqlaw said...

I've Got Your Number is my favorite so far!

sendsusanmail at gmail dot com

I tweeted this #giveaway at susieqlaw

I follow CLC blog, pinterest, twitter, and facebook.

Bonnie K. said...

I would have to say the most favorite of Sophie Kinsella's books would be Confessions of a Shopaholics. I enjoyed reading it--it gave me a good time and it's funny. I ended up reading all her other books including those written under her name Madeleine Wickham. I look forward to reading the Wedding Night. The UK version would be cool.

bluedawn95864 at gmail dot com

I follow the blog.

Shared on facebook: and twitter:

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Mary Jo Burke said...

The Shopaholic books


Rhonda said...

Favorite the shopaholic series.I follow on email &Twitter@ rhondareads will tweet.

Mary said...

I love the Shopaholic series, every single one of them!

Mary said...

I follow via Facebook, email, twitter and GFC.


Marla Martenson said...

I can't believe I have not read any of her books. I hope I win, I know I would love her style!

Lea said...


1. I've Got Your Number
2. Follow your blog via email
3. Posted on Twitter
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5. Follow on Twitter

Thanks for the giveaway. I can't wait to read her new book!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Ahhhhh! I want this so bad! I have been a Kinsella fan since the beginning of the Shopaholic saga. My favorite book is Twenties Girl!

I'm a folkower through GFC.
I follow on twitter.
I follow on fb.

Missamberljohnson at gmail dot com


Anonymous said...

My favorite Sophie Kinsella book (so far) is The Undomestic Goddess.

I follow this blog.


Linda Kish said...

I liked Remember Me?

I am a GFC follower

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

holdenj said...

Nice Q&A!

One of my favorites is Twenties Girl.

I am a follower!


The Book Chick said...

I am from Canada and would love to win "Wedding Night"!


1. I loved "Twenties Girl"!
2. Follower!
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Jeryl M. said...

I haven't read any of sophie kinsella's books, but I would like to read all of them.

I am a subscriber.

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I am a twitter follower.

I am a pinterest follower.

Jennifer said...

The shopaholic books!

I'm a blog follower; fb groupie; follow you on twitter and tweeted; plus on Pinterest

Heather said...

So excited to see Sophie Kinsella here!! She is the one that got me hooked on chick lit!
Ra6352 (at) gmail ( dot) com

Heather said...

I can't pick a favorite, because I LOVE them all! I really love the shopaholic series though and glad to hear there will be another!
Ra6352 (at) gmail (dot) com

Heather said...

I'm a member of CLC!
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Unknown said...

I love the whole shopaholic series. It was fun to read!

I follow Chick Lit Central

Jennifer L. said...

jentam777 at gmail dot com

I live in Canada.
My favourite book by Sophie Kinsella is Can You Keep a Secret?

I follow this blog as Jennifer L.
I follow you on twitter as jentamar.

GoGreen said...

Email can be found clicking of Blogger icon.

I am in Canada.

I am a follower of CLC. I am a member of CLC on FB. I follower CLC on Twitter (@greenurlifenow)

I posted the contest on FB.

I have only read I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella, so that is my favourite book of hers so far.


Heather said...

I live in the US!
ra6352 (at) gmail (dot) com

Jilleen said...

First of all I love all of Sophie Kinsella's books, but my favorite is Can You Keep a Secret? Still waiting on a sequel to that one! I do love the shopaholic series too though - can't get enough of Becky!

I follow CLC on Facebook
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Thank you for such a great giveaway!

Jill at Seaside Book Nook

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Colleen Turner said...

I LOVE Sophie Kinsella! I first fell in love with her writing when I read the first Shopaholic book but I think my favorite is The Undomestic Goddess!

I am in the US

Colleen Turner said...

I am a GFC follower (Colleen Turner).

Colleen Turner said...

I follow on Facebook (Colleen Turner).

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Colleen Turner said...

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Karen said...

Favorite: Confessions of a Shopaholic.

I'm a follower of CLC via blog online and in email.

I'm a Facebook fan.

I can't post the contest on FB until I do something I'm supposed to do there.

I'm one of the few people in the world who can't figure out Twitter and Pinterest but as soon as I can, I'll be following you there!

Thus, under the circumstances, I've done everything I can!

bn100 said...

Haven't read any of her books yet. Wedding night would be a good one to start with.

I follow the blog.

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Erica said...

I love all the Shopaholic books!

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Anonymous said...

I like Confessions of a Shopaholic.

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Sherry said...

I love your books. Not sure which would be my favourite, maybe The Gatecrasher.

I am Canadian

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A.C. said...

I love Sophie Kinsella!

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A.C. said...

1. My favorite book is Can You Keep a Secret!
2. I live in the US
3. I am a blog follower!
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audras at gmail dot com

Jackie said...

My favourite book is "Can You Keep a Secret?"

Thanks for the giveaway!
I live in Canada
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EKB said...

Confessions of a Shopaholic (if I must pick one though they are all fabulous!!)
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erin713 at gmail dot com

EFC Chrissy said...

I love all of Sophie's (And Madeleine's books! ;) ) Too pick a favorite is hard but it would have to be Confessions of a Shopaholic. That really started me like her and chick lit.

I follow the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email.

Thanks for the chance!

Tamara said...

Live in the US

Fav Sophie Kinsella book: Confessions of a Shopaholic OR Can You Keep a Secret. I'm always back and forth over which I love best.

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Anonymous said...

1. My favorite is Twenties Girl
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SuzyQ4PR at aol dot com

Mary Preston said...

I think I would like to begin with THE UNDOMESTIC GODDESS - I can totally relate.

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Unknown said...

Great interview!
I have yet to read any of Sophie Kinsella's books, but the one that sounds most intriguing is The Undomestic Goddess!
Thanks for the giveaway!
jakki36 at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

I follow CLC blog!
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I tweeted this post & Giveaway!

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Jakki Leatherberry
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Unknown said...

Sorry, forgot to mention that I am a US resident!
I also follow CLC on Pinterst!
Jakki Leatherberry
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Anonymous said...

1. My most favorite book is Can You Keep A Secret? I love love love that book!
2. I am a follower
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LJT said...

Great giveaway!

Unknown said...

1. My fave is I've Got Your Number
2. Followed (Hanako Himawari)
4. Already member
5. Followed (@sabrina_2303)
6. Added (Eirene Swans)

Gina said...

See now this one just looks too adorable to miss. I have yet to read her work but I would like to actually start with "I've got your number"as I been told it's preferable to the shop a holic series as far as a starting point...but don't tell my Mom that because she's read them all!! ^-^


Anonymous said...

"Can you keep a secret?" is my favorite book.

My email is mstypo78 at gmail dot COM.

Thank you

Nophee168 said...

Follow this blog.
Shared on Twitter.
My fav novel by Sophie Kinsella so far is I've got your number.
My email is

Anonymous said...

my favourite book has got to be Confessions of a Shopaholic,first book will always be the best

Melissa said...

Thanks for participating and telling us your favorite Sophie Kinsella books or ones you'd like to read soon.

I'd have a hard time choosing a favorite from her books. I know that most of them have been impossible to put down! I'm currently reading Wedding Night and laughing out loud...a LOT!

Thanks to Sophie for chatting with us, Transworld for coordinating the interview and Random House for sharing Wedding Night with our winners. chose FOUR winners from all entries with contact info. (Only US/Canada entries were included for WN, everyone was included for the other two.)

We had two Bonnies win Wedding Night! What are the odds?

Congrats to: Bonnie K (bluedawn95864) and Bonnie (GoGreen)!

For the mystery books...Congrats to:
Nova, who won Remember Me? and lisamarie, who won The Undomestic Goddess!

For more chances to win great novels, visit our giveaways page and!!

Bonnie K. said...

Thank you much! Congrats to the other winners, too, including the other Bonnie. :)