Sunday, April 21, 2013

Book Review: When Love Aligns

By Kathryn Hamilton

Being a Goddess of Love is a difficult job. She is primarily responsible for making love matches for mortals, a prettier modern-day Cupid if you will. For Drew, the pressure is even greater as she has already made one blunder and is trying to prevent the Gods from realizing that she has made another one. Drew has inadvertently matched her true love, Jack, with another woman. With encouragement from her mentor, she sets out on a mission to correct her mistake. Can Drew, without her usual magic, find a way to get Jack to fall in love with her before it’s too late?

Jennifer Daiker is the author who brings us the delightful and whimsical novella When Love Aligns. Ms. Daiker proves that an author can create a well-rounded story in a short amount of space. Although the character development is obviously not as in depth as one would find in a novel, I still felt that I was able to connect with Drew as the main protagonist. While hoping that things would work out in Drew’s favour, I also found myself pondering the age old question of whether or not there is truly such a thing as a soul mate, that one person you are simply destined to be with. Deep thoughts!

I only have one note of contention, and I think other readers will agree: this tale is simply too short. I would have loved to read more about Drew and how she came to be at this moment in time. When I got to the end, although pleased, I wanted more. I would have enjoyed it if Ms. Daiker had fleshed out the story more; I believe there was more to Drew’s story.

Some readers find it difficult to abandon reality, but I am generally a willing participant to go wherever an author takes me, and this is no exception and certainly not a disappointment. If you want a quick jaunt into romantic fantasy, you will want to pick up this charming novella! (However, it is unfortunately not available for purchase for the time being.)

Thanks to Still Moments Publishing (acquired by The Wild Rose Press) for the e-book in exchange for an honest review.

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