Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Meet our new review associate from The CLC Project!

Introduction by Melissa Amster

A few months ago, Jami Deise came to Chick Lit Central looking to meet other writers in the DC area to talk about publishing her book. The fact that she lived nearby got my attention, and soon we were making plans to meet up for lunch. She was very nice and I enjoyed talking with her about books, Broadway musicals and everything else that came to mind. Then she sent me her manuscript and I couldn't put it down. It's very engaging and entertaining, and I hope she does find a way to get it published soon.

When she submitted her entry for The CLC Project, I explained to her how I wasn't judging because of potential bias, and wished her the best of luck. Little did I know, she would end up being chosen as one of the finalists and then winning the competition overall. I'm thrilled to have her on board as our newest review associate, and hope you will enjoy getting to know her! While we're no longer "neighbors," now that she's moved a lot further south, I'm glad we'll be in communication more often.

You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Three of your favorite chick lit authors:
Emily Giffin, Jennifer Weiner, Jane Porter.

Chick lit novel you want to see on the big screen:
I would love to see "Good in Bed" (by Jennifer Weiner) on the big screen... and with a real plus-sized actress, not some wafer-thin beauty made up to look like the average woman.

Which book has had an impact on you?
This is a very hard question to limit to one answer! So I'll list the very first one. That would be "Little House on the Prairie." I was in the 2nd grade and started to write my own "Little House" stories. I loved the series so much, I used to sleep with them instead of my stuffed animals.

Something about you that would surprise people:
I love horror just as much as chick-lit.

Some of your hobbies:
Reading, writing, watching movies, General Hospital circa 1979, following football and baseball.

Favorite place to vacation:
New York City.

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susieqlaw said...

I am looking forward to reading Jami's first book. Jennifer Weiner's Good in Bed would make a great movie! I do not read horror stories too much but Gone Girl Gone (suspense) sounds like a good read.

Nice to meet you, Jami!