Monday, August 27, 2012

Calling all artists!

After a little over two years, we have decided that it's time to revamp our logo. Therefore, it's time for a new contest!

We want YOU to design our new logo. It just needs to be a picture, around the size of our current one. (Height=296, width=200.)

1. It must be your own original design. Please send pictures of the logo in process (take some photos of the sketch as you're in the stages of working on it) before the end result. This is to prove to us that it is not copied from someone else's page and is truly your design.
2. It can include our name, but that's not required.
3. Anyone from anywhere can enter.
4. Deadline is September 10th at midnight EST.
5. Please send sketches and final entries to

Judging will take place the week of September 10th and a winner will be determined later in the week. All judging will be based on anonymous information. Only one person on our team will know who has entered so Amy and the Melissas can make a decision together.

The prize will be:
1. A book or multiple books of the winner's choice, totaling $20 in price OR a prize package with a lot of surprises (US only for the package option).
2. The winner will be featured in a blog post and everyone will get to know them better.
3. The winner will also have a place on our "About Us" page and be credited as our logo designer.

So...get your art utensils ready! Good luck!

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