Monday, August 6, 2012

Marian Keyes WannaBe's

By Dee DeTarsio

Marian Keyes is a Virgo, I’m a Virgo. She’s a successful internationally recognized goddess of an author, and I . . . well, I’ve read everything she’s ever written. Her most excellent Ms. Keyes is from Ireland – I love the color green. I expect we would be best friends. From her first book, "Watermelon," (my seventh favorite fruit) to "Sushi for Beginners" (I’m only up to California rolls myself) to "Anybody Out There" — I have loved, read, and reread every word. We are practically sisters!

Goddess Marian Keyes (pictured left)...and her doppelganger, my sister, Beezer, who I sometimes call an eejit!

I met Irish writer, Derick Hudson, on Twitter, and in spite of his book cover that looks like it should be about kidnapped babies, I loved his chick lit novel, "Dysfunctional Romance!", which is $1.99 for Kindle. (Go on, I’ll wait.) I tweeted him, “If @MarianKeyes had a willie she’d be Derick Hudson.” Derick and I killed the afternoon goofing off on Twitter, when lo, trumpets blare, cue the cherabims:

Dee DeTarsio is no stranger to Chick Lit Central. You can check out her guest post from last year. Her most recent novel is "Haole Wood."


Dee DeTarsio said...

Aloha, Marian Keyes' fans, it won't be long now! Her new novel, "The Mystery of Mercy Close" starring Helen Walsh, will be released September 13th!!! I can't wait!

Vicky @ A Backpack Full of Adventures said...

And Mammy Walsh’s A–Z of the Walshes is already available for pre-order. :) Can't wait!

Derick Hudson said...

A big thank u to my favourite American! Dee rocks! Derick :-)

Anonymous said...

Vicky, I can't wait for Mammy Walsh's A-Z, due out August 27th! And Derick, you are my 2nd favorite Irish author, ha ha!