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A woman like Maria Geraci...plus a book giveaway

Introduction by Kathryn Hamilton

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Join us as we offer a warm welcome back to Maria Geraci, who is celebrating the release of her latest novel “A Girl Like You” (reviewed here). It’s been a year and a half since Maria last visited us here at CLC, and she has been busy writing what is sure to be another success. The Florida resident, originally from Havana, Cuba, is known for her funny, sexy, character driven story-telling. “A Girl Like You” is Maria’s fourth novel and follows one everyday woman as she attempts to prove herself to her handsome boss and recover her battered self-esteem by securing an interview with a NASCAR legend.

Catch up with Maria on her personal webpageFacebook or Twitter.

Thanks to BookSparks PR, we have one copy of "A Girl Like You" for a lucky US reader.

Characters really make the story for us. What 3 words would best describe your heroine and what about her called out to you to write her story?
I would say Emma is smart, quirky, and relentless.
I was fascinated by the idea of a woman overhearing that she was the “ugly friend” in her group of acquaintances and I wondered how that would alter her self image and ultimately, the way she viewed life. What I loved about Emma, is that after finding out she was the ugly friend she didn’t try to make herself over, or change anything about herself. Yet, hearing this, of course, leads to the events that change up her life.

What is your usual writing routine?
Unfortunately, there is nothing usual about my writing routine. It’s all over the place! I try very hard to set up a routine, but it almost always goes awry. When I’m writing my first draft, I write in bits and pieces (sometimes in 15 minute spurts) and at all times of the day and night. But once I have a draft and know where my story is headed, then I buckle down to smooth it out. I find it hard to sit at the computer for more than an hour at a time, so I do take frequent breaks.

What are your biggest motivations to write? What keeps you going?
I write the type of book that I want to read. So I usually keep writing so that I can find out what happens at the end!

If "A Girl Like You" were made into a movie, who would you cast in the lead roles?
This is a hard one. Although I do describe my main character, Emma, I made a conscious decision to omit most physical descriptions on my other characters. I tried to let their dialogue, their personalities, and the way they are perceived by other characters in the novel paint a picture in my reader’s head. But, having said that, I would say my almost perfect cast would include Eddie Cibrian as Nick, Matt Bomer as Ben, and John Krasinski as Richard. As for Emma, I’ve always pictured her as a younger version of Nia Vardolos.

What is your favorite month, and why?
My favorite month is November (partly because it’s my birthday month, and who doesn’t love their birthday?) but mostly because it’s such a fun filled month- football games, changing weather, and Thanksgiving (which is my favorite family holiday).

What is your favorite thing to do at a carnival or amusement park?
Does eating count?

What is your favorite summer food?
Ice cream! It’s my favorite all around food, as well.

What is the funniest or strangest fortune you ever received from a fortune cookie?
I’ll be honest, off the top of my head I can’t remember any of them. But if I could make one up it would have something to do with flamingos. Go figure.

Special thanks to Maria for chatting with us and to BookSparks PR for sharing "A Girl Like You" with our readers!

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Maria Geraci said...

Thanks, Melissa! You know now that I've read your review of AGLY I can't picture anyone as Emma except America Ferrera. You're right. She's perfect!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

I don't think I can remember any strange fortunes either! Hmm... I know I've had some though. The classic game we play is adding "in bed" after the fortune. ;)

I'm a follower on the blog, FB and Twitter!

missamberljohnson at gmail dot com

Jessica said...

1. This is a hard question! I can't think of any fortunes I've received from fortune cookies much less strange ones. This makes me wish I had eaten Chinese food recently so I could at least name one. Here's one I received before. Self-knowledge is a life long process.

2. I'm a follower of the blog through GFC.

3. I posted this on twitter.

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Thanks so much! Love your blog as always!

-Jessica M

Twisty J said...

This sounds like a great read! One of the strangest fortunes that I can remember was: 'You will have good weather today or tomorrow.' Okay...

GFC: Twisty J

susieqlaw said...

sendsusanmail AT gmail DOT com

I shared this contest on twitter @susieqlaw

I follow the blog, Facebook, and twitter.

Strange fortune: walk softly?

Preet said...

Haven't had any strange fortunes that I can remember, but I also can't recall the last time I had a fortune cookie. I did just pass up on an offer to buy 25 pounds of them from the restaurant supply store for $15. I couldn't figure out how we'd eat them all or where we'd put them. :p

kaur_chanpreet (at) hotmail (dot) com

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Maureen said...

The restaurant we go to has been giving us sayings instead of fortunes lately.
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Bonnie K. said...

Fortune cookie: hmmm- something to the tune of marrying a tall, dark, and handsome man. I did! (although, his hair was lighter when we married ;D)

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Lilian said...

1. Please tell us: What is the funniest or strangest fortune you ever received from a fortune cookie?

Hmmm, I don't remember since they all sound extremely vague. Like e courteous to all that you meet or something.

2. Already a GFC Follower~

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Lilian @ A Novel Toybox
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Linda Kish said...

I can't even remember the one in the cookie at lunch today! Pretty sad. I don't believe them anyway.

I am a GFC follower

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Unknown said...

1) I can't remembr any fortune...don't they all kind of say the same thing?

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Marthalynn said...

One fortune I put on my fridge for a while said something like "A closed mouth gathers no feet". It was funny, but true.


marthalynn16 at gmail

Bridget O'Neill said...

I can't remember any particular one, but the ones I've gotten lately have been pretty lame, and they always have lucky numbers on the back.

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bn100 said...

I don't remember any strange or funny fortunes.

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leonel said...

I once got one of those X-rated fortunes!
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Margie said...

I like Chinese food, so I have gotten several fortunes. But I can't seem to recall any specifics!
Thanks for the giveaway.
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Erica said...

"Make lasting friends, seal them in plastic."

How weird is that!!

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