Friday, July 6, 2012

What's in the mail?

Starting this week, we will be posting "What's in the mail?" bi-weekly from now on. Thank you.

Melissa A:

"The Wedding Guests" by Meredith Goldstein from Penguin UK (Same as "The Singles")

"Ruby" by Marie Maxwell from Avon (a division of HarperCollins)


"The River Witch" by Kimberly Brock from the author

"Kat Fight" by Dina Silver from the author (Currently $2.99 for Kindle)

"Friendship Bread" by Darien Gee from Random House

"Where We Belong" by Emily Giffin from St. Martin's Press

"Ocean Beach" by Wendy Wax from Penguin


"On the Island" by Tracey Garvis Graves from Penguin UK (Melissa A. also got this from Penguin US)

"The Wedding Beat" by Devan Sipher from Penguin

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susieqlaw said...

The Wedding Beat caught my eye when it came out. I love to read the NYT wedding section.