Thursday, July 26, 2012

Book Review: Worth Lying For

By Cindy Roesel

Mary Minke is a middle-aged perimenopausal woman only a few years away from incontinence and senility. The most risky or exciting thing that happens in her "tapioca pudding" life is getting false positives on her mammograms or pap smears. But things change BIG TIME when Mary Minke pulls off the perfect crime in WORTH LYING FOR by authors Lisa Cheney and Lisa Craig, from here on end referred to as The Lisas.

An average day turns into something very different, when Mary drives into the local gas station hoping to get a cup of java and drives out with a gym bag full of cash. It was just sitting there in the back of known drug dealer Jimmy Adler’s 1968 Shelby Mustang GT 500 for anyone to see, so Mary reached in, took it and passed on the coffee. It was the perfect crime without trying.

Once she arrives--late again--at her job at the Idid-A-Rod garage, she immediately goes into the bathroom to change her uniform and she counts the cash, soon realizing she has 60 GRAND! Immediately Mary’s mind races between excited and freaked out. But the first thing she does is call her BFF, Caryn.

I love the relationship between Mary and Caryn. They are a modern day Lucy and Ethel. The Lisas know how to write really clever sassy dialogue. What I enjoy most is that Mary and Caryn are really good friends who don’t judge each other, even when you can tell one is saying something so incredibly stupid that the other wants to scream, “Listen to yourself” and maybe slap her upside her head.

Mary is one of the funniest characters I’ve read in a long time. Think about it, here’s a woman with 60 grand in her purse and all she can do is dream about a new tamale colored washer and dryer! It’s obvious she has a good heart, but just keeps getting herself into these situations with her two daughters, mother in Florida and husband who happens to be a cop. You’ll have to stick around to see what happens, but it’ll be worth the read! I look forward to Lisa Cheney and Lisa Craig’s next novel.

WORTH LYING FOR is available on Amazon in print for $12.99 and on Kindle for $2.99.

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Helen Polaski said...

The Lisas have given me a nice escape from an otherwise dull and boring weekend, and I LOVE it. I mean...what's not to love? Steal cash from the local druggie? Really? When your husband just happens to be a police office? LOL! Go Mary. Get that washing machine, girl, you deserve it...and much much more. :-)

Ladies - I know this will date me - but you rock! I'll keep a look out for your next book.