Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dorota Skrzypek's sizzling tunes for hot summer nights

Introduction and interview by Tracey Meyers

What’s that you hear?

Why, it’s sultry song lyrics setting the mood for a night of romance, compliments of author Dorota Skrzypek’s latest installment of her “Sex, Life, and Hannah" series, which takes place in the summer.

Dorota was born in Poland and grew up in Canada. Hannah, and her dating misadventures, was born out of many years of this now Southern Californian’s own dating and life misadventures. The series focus is to reimage and engage its readers in new and exciting ways.

Not a stranger to pushing the boundaries of the publishing world, Dorota's books contain thought provoking subject matters and have cover art that you just can't ignore. They are sure to delight all the senses and exhibit her passion for storytelling.

So grab a glass of wine and soak in the sweet melodies that drift through the air, as Hannah (and Dorota) redefine romance, 21st century style!

Dorota is here as part of the "Sex, Life, and Hannah" blog tour, which we're kicking off right here! At the end of the tour, readers will be eligible to win the ENTIRE "Sex, Life, and Hannah" series. Enter the below quote on this page and then visit the other sites on the tour each day to get another quote. Good luck!

"I lean on an old Victorian chair, and try again, "Love and lust aren't always in sync. You can love someone, but not be ready to have sex with them. Or you can meet someone random and end up jumping in all the way. There's nothing wrong with either. You've waited this long, so wait until you're really feeling it. If he's The One, he'll understand."

You can find out more about "Sex, Life, and Hannah" by visiting its website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

What song do you think is the best make-out song?
Recently, I made out to "Summertime"... There have been something like 25,000 recordings of that song since Gershwin, but my favorite has to be the one sang by Janis Joplin. Of course, I think to get the song’s full effect, you have to be making out to it in the summer time.

What song has a special meaning for you and why?
"The Bed’s too Big Without You" by The Police.

My friend was dating this guy that made promotional stuff for bands. There was some kind of hiccup with the t-shirts he was making and when they needed to be delivered. She asked if I would drive this van out with her to Vancouver to get everything there on time.

I picked up Regatta de Blanc at some beat up record store, and it became our anthem for the road trip. I remember dipping into some small town in the Okanagan Valley late evening. We were discussing men. The sun had just set, the weather was balmy, and the reggae beat of this song…it was like something out of a movie.

If we were to take a look at your music collection, what genre of music would we see the most of? The least of?
The Electronica/Dance genre became huge in my twenties, probably because I acquired quite a few DJ friends.

Don’t have a whole lot from the Metal genre; although I have gone to a couple great Metal concerts.

Have you ever met a famous singer (rock star, opera, broadway, etc)? If so, who and what was the story behind meeting them? If not, which singer would you LOVE to meet?
My girlfriend and I went to a Green Day concert back when they had just come out with Kerplunk. She had a crush on the lead singer and convinced me to stick around after the show and loiter to see if she could meet him. I ended up meeting the drummer, Tré Cool, and spending the next four days with him.
We walked the entire river valley, rode rollercoasters, and I even snuck him into my room after hours…it was all very romantic, but what was I going to do, run off to California with a budding rockstar? Losing my virginity to him had been enough of an adventure.

If you were only allowed to play one song ever again, what would that song be and why?
"You Can’t Always Get What You Want" by The Rolling Stones. Because it’s exactly how I would feel if I was only ever allowed to play one song.

Which song has a Chick Lit vibe to it?
"Lovesick" by Christabelle and Lindstrøm.

Favorite Music Video (from any decade):
"Justify My Love," by Madonna.

Don't tell anyone, but I like to listen to _____ music! What is your favorite song from this genre of music?
Classical! "Nocturne No.20 in C-Sharp Minor" by Chopin.

Special thanks to Dorota for sharing her music picks with us and to Sasha Jones for facilitating the interview and including us on the blog tour.

Remember to visit the blog tour website and enter the quote we shared in order to be eligible to win the entire "Sex, Life, and Hannah" series!


Dorota said...

Thanks for the interview, and for being part of my virtual book tour! Talking and listening to music is one of my favorite things.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

What a fun interview and I love the quote you chose!