Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Book Review: Star Fish

By Melissa Amster

My star sign is Cancer and I used to always check my horoscope in magazines. I also would check what my compatible love signs were. After dating three Libras and having those relationships go nowhere, I realized that I couldn't defy the stars anymore. (Cancer and Libra are a bad love match.) When I started dating a Scorpio, I looked in a book to see how compatible our signs were. Turns out they were perfect for each other. We've been married for over eight years now. So I could definitely relate to Amy Jane Anderson's search for a perfect mate based on astrology in Nicola May's latest novel, "Star Fish."

Amy Jane Anderson has had the worst luck with men, but when her friend dares her to sign up for a matchmaking service based on horoscope signs, she dives right in. She has been obsessed with her star sign, Pisces, and trying to find other signs that are a good match for her. Starr and Sun, the matchmaking service, sends her on some crazy dates and other situations come up in the meantime. Soon, Amy begins to question if love is really in the stars for her.

I had a delightful time reading "Star Fish." I had read and enjoyed "Working it Out" last year, and was excited to get my hands on an e-book of "Star Fish" after hearing some good things about it. Amy is a little spitfire and rather frisky, to boot! Her embarrassing moments had me laughing (and I could especially relate to one of them--not the gross one, thankfully--but no spoilers). She had a terrific supporting cast of girlfriends (especially Olivia "Liv" Irving) and an awesome gay best friend. The dates she went on were quite amusing, but there were some hot "romantic" moments interspersed! The story had a How I Met Your Mother feel, as Amy's interactions with guys had me wondering if certain ones were her "sole-mate" (as in fish, not feet). The intrigue kept the story flowing nicely throughout.

While I'm thrilled that I had no trouble following the British slang this time around (I ran into a few situations like that with "Working it Out"), I was also hoping that Ms. May would lose the defecation and flatulence references. However, she brought those on full-force. Also, I'm not sure if it was just my e-reader, but a lot of scenes were blended together instead of having separations between different activities or times of day. (For example, Amy would make a date with a guy for two days later and then the next paragraph would have her on the date. There was no split between the scenes.) There were also a lot of spelling and grammar errors. While the story had a lot of heart behind it and wasn't just about a girl going on some disastrous dates, I felt there was a bit too much drama crammed into one story. I kept wondering when Amy was going to get a break from everything.

"Star Fish" was a cute and entertaining story. If it hadn't been on my PC e-reader, I would have sped through it much more quickly. I did look forward to when I'd get to read more of it and I'd be thinking of Amy and wondering when she'd meet Mr. Right. If you're looking for a light and sweet summer (or any other time of year) read, look no further than "Star Fish!"

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Jennifer Gooch Hummer said...

I just downloaded this book and can't wait to read! Thanks for all your great reads.