Monday, June 18, 2012

The CLC Project

Between last year and now, we've brought on four review associates! Even with them here, we still get review requests on a daily basis and can't accommodate them all. Thankfully, we now have Books of the Week. However...we'd like to add ONE more associate, who can be from anywhere in the world. Therefore, we are bringing back the review associate contest from last known as The CLC Project (instead of "The Glee Project.")

Our associates get to review books that either we send them or we have an author or publisher send them. (They're also welcome to read whatever books they own already or pick up from the library, as long as they're relevant to the genre.) They write fair and honest reviews of each book, while still representing Chick Lit Central. (We value everyone’s thoughts and opinions, but if you’re going to slander a book to death, do it someplace else!)

Here are the rules
1. You must NOT have your own book review blog. If you own other blogs, that's fine, but not one where you post book reviews. (We don't want split interests.) If you guest review for other blogs and become a RA, we would prefer you to only review for us. If this is not something you can do, you're still welcome to guest review for us from time to time.

2. You MUST be passionate about chick lit. :)

3. Applicants can be from anywhere, as long as you’re able to receive books.

4.To enter: Send us a fair and honest review of the latest chick lit novel you have read. We will narrow it down to the best reviews, and our current review associates will be helping with this. We will only have some guest judges (authors) judge them if there's a tie.

Reviews must be NEW. Not past reviews from other sites. It can NOT be posted anywhere else until AFTER the time we pick the winners (only if you are not chosen).
The length depends on how long you usually make your reviews. If you're not sure, look at the length of our past reviews.

Do NOT put identifying information (location, age, family details, etc.) into your review, as we want this to be as fair and non-biased as possible. If you become an RA, you're welcome to make your reviews more personalized.

5. If you are selected, you will be expected to read and review at least 3-4 books a month (or more if you choose.) You must be someone who can honestly commit to this responsibility.

Deadline to submit reviews for our contest is July 20th at midnight EST. Melissa A. will receive them and make them anonymous for the others to judge. That will ensure there is not a bias. The ones Amy and Melissa P. choose will then go to our current review associates. If there's a tie, we'll then see if some authors can help make the decision.

Please send your reviews to Melissa A. Please make sure to include your location when you send in your entries. Subject line must say: ENTRY FOR THE CLC PROJECT

Questions? E-mail us!

Good luck!

Open Worldwide. Contest ends Friday, July 20th at midnight EST.

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