Tuesday, June 19, 2012

At the movies with Amy and Becky

Since June is movie month this year, we are asking authors about their favorite movies, but we also want to share our favorite movies and answer some other movie themed questions. This week, it's Amy and Becky's turn.


Disney movie: I can't pick just one favorite. I love the Disney princesses. My favorites are The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast.
Movie of all time: My two favorite all time movies are The Birdcage and The Cutting Edge.
Chick flick: I have many favorite chick flicks and one of them is definitely Love, Actually.
Soundtrack: I love both the Footloose and Flashdance soundtracks

Last movie you saw in the theater: Horrible Bosses
Movie that made you cry the most: Steel Magnolias
Movie you know almost all the lines to: The Cutting Edge


Actor: Ryan Gosling. Hello! Aside from the fact that he makes me go a bit weak at the knees when I watch him I think his talent as an actor supersedes his good looks. I’ve made a point of watching pretty much all of his films and each one has been impressive and shown his diversity as an actor, particularly Blue Valentine, Half Nelson and Lars and the Real Girl. The Notebook is obviously a classic and Crazy, Stupid, Love was pure indulgence! Oh to be Emma Stone in that film. To me he’s been worthy of an Oscar in several films already.

Chick flick: Difficult choice between Bridget Jones' Diary and Sex and the City (the first one..)..but it has to be Sex and the City. As someone who owns the series shoebox of DVD’s and watched them many times & been on the SATC tour, the film was much anticipated! I was lucky enough to stumble upon them filming the first film on my birthday when I was visiting NY, was such a happy birthday girl! The film didn’t disappoint at all. My favourite moment is New Years Eve with Carrie and Miranda.

Soundtrack: Vanilla Sky. I’ve got two CD’s which are packed with great songs from this film, for me the soundtrack is a key part in making this one of my favourite films of all time. Bob Dylan, REM, Sigur Ros, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead – all amazing, and that’s just some of them! In an alternate universe I would like to be someone picking out the soundtracks for films! (I’m sure there is a technical term for it..)

Foreign Film: Betty Blue (37°2 le matin). This isn’t a film to watch with family, very saucy, it was very difficult to get hold of on DVD in the UK for a few years. I first watched it about ten years after it was made, I was studying for an A Level in French so I started watching some French programmes on TV late at night to try and help and stumbled across this film. I’d never watched a foreign film before but this had me gripped, the music is amazing, Betty has mental health issues and it was such a tragic tale. I watched it enough to pick up a few lines here and there in French so it served its purpose and as a bonus cemented itself as one of my favourites!

Movie you know all the lines to: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This was the film we always used to watch at primary school on the last day of term. One year I decided we should put on a play of it so I spent hours at home writing out all the words to the film..I remember it taking forever, I maybe only got so far as Veruca Salt being a bad egg..needless to say all the words stay with me! Still love this film and always feel a tinge of disappointment that no such chocolate factory exists!

Movie you've seen most times in a theater: Titanic. I saw it three times when it was first released and I recently went to see the 3D version. When it was first released I was living in Liverpool and I remember getting goosebumps when the ship starts to sink as the Titanic had ‘Liverpool’ written on the stern, it felt quite odd watching those words sink (the ship was registered in Liverpool and it was home to White Star Line’s headquarters).

Best memory of an experience going to the movies:
It probably has to be going to see Ghost at my local cinema with my friends, I remember it feeling like one big school outing, without any adults, I must have been just about old enough to go and it felt like a proper grown up outing, I don't think I did many exciting things at that age! I can remember the cackles in the audience at the pottery wheel scene..!

Movie that made you cry the most: Hmn, well, it's a toss-up between The Notebook and Marley and Me, but as a dog lover and labrador owner, I'll have to go with the latter. I cried my heart out reading the book and when the film came along it made me laugh so much (and the mischevous Marley reminds me a lot of my mischevous Rooney), I was also heartbroken at the end even though I knew what was coming. Watching it at the cinema it was one of those times when you really don't want to let on you're crying, the fear that if someone spots it you'll make a scene with your noisy bawling that'll just come flooding out, so instead you sit there and let the tears and snot flow..classy i'm sure you'll agree. I've got the film on DVD too, it's one of those ones i treasure, but I just can't watch it too often as it's too hard! I absolutely dread the day I'm faced with the last visit to the vets...

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The Cutting Edge is one of my fave movies of all time!