Tuesday, June 5, 2012

At the movies with Gail and Tracey

Since June is movie month this year, we are asking authors about their favorite movies, but we also want to share our favorite movies and answer some other movie themed questions. This week, it's Gail and Tracey's turn.


Disney movie: Lilo & Stitch
Chick flick: Center Stage
Horror flick: Battle Royale
Movie based on a book (not chick lit): Whip It

Last movie you saw in the theater: The Hunger Games
Movie that made you laugh so hard that you couldn't hear some of the dialogue: Bridesmaids
Chick lit novel you wish were a movie: "Polo" by Jilly Cooper
Movie you know all the lines to: Wayne's World and Wayne's World 2


80's movie: Sixteen Candles
Movie theater snack: Popcorn with REAL butter
Sci fi movie: The Star Wars Trilogy
Drama: The Shawshank Redemption

Last movie you saw in the theater: The Hunger Games
Chick lit novel you wish were a movie: "Boy Meets Girl" by Meg Cabot
Movie you know all the lines to: I know a lot of the lines to Johnny Dangerously and Reality Bites.
Best memory of an experience going to the movies: I have a lot of good memories of going to the movies. Over the past couple of years my memories involve going with my mom.


Janice said...

I love all Meg Cabot books! I wish they were all movies!
Janice @JaniceinNJ@aol.com!

Nobody said...

FUN!! I loved Hunger Games.. and STILL laugh SO hard at Bridesmaids.. I swear I share the same soul with Kristen Wiig.

Anonymous said...

I still belly laugh when I remember that toast scene in "Bridesmaids." It was SO REAL!

Stephanie said...

Great answers!!!! Love Meg Cabot. I would so love to see the Queen of Babble series as a movie.

reguvardan said...

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