Thursday, June 21, 2012

Books of the Week - June 21st

Thanks for checking out our newest feature...Books of the Week! There are seven of us and we can't keep up with the many review requests we receive, even though we'd love to read everything sent our way. Therefore, we have decided to give some books their time in the spotlight and introduce you to them through this new blog feature. We will be featuring two books a week. We hope you will take the time to check these books out. (Click the titles to find them on Amazon.) If you read them and want to write a guest blogger review for us, please e-mail us and we'll be glad to work with you!

Authors: We will let you know whether or not we'll be able to review your book upon your request, and hope you'll be interested in this feature as an alternative.

"Sweet Delicious Madness and the Many Mysterious Deaths of Silvio Berlusconi"
By Julie Sarff

Lily Bilbury is about to fabulously happy. Why? Because she has a theory: economic independence = divorce = happiness. To this end she takes a job at Villa Buschi, a lavish estate harboring more than a few secrets. But when things don’t go her way, and she can’t make ends meet or get a divorce or obtain the object of her affection, she contemplates running around ranting drivel and frightening the whole reserved population of Arona, Italy. Only when fate deals a friend a nasty problem does Lily learn that happiness is a matter of perspective. To save her fellow expatriate from dire economic straits, Lily aligns herself with Francesca di Campo, self-proclaimed psychic and harbinger of doom. Together they will mount a search of Villa Buschi for one of the most famous diamonds ever known – the French Blue.

"Sweet Delicious Madness" is $3.99 for Kindle.

Julie Sarff can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

"Guns And Roses"
By The Authors at Murder She Writes

In "Guns and Roses," the novelists blogging over at Murder She Writes present a one-of-a-kind romantic suspense anthology with ten all-new, never-before-published short stories and novellas that promise thrills, chills, romance, intrigue, passion, danger, murder…and love. Penned by New York Times and award winning authors, some stories in this exclusive collection will make you laugh out loud, while others will force you to sleep with the lights on.

"Guns and Roses" is $3.82 for Kindle.

Visit the authors at Murder She Writes on Facebook and Twitter.

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