Thursday, December 8, 2011

Help Michele Gorman with her sequel to "Single in the City"

Michele Gorman visited us a few weeks ago to talk about her debut novel, "Single in the City." She's back now to talk about the sequel she's writing and the extremely cool and fun way that YOU can be part of this process! The conversations are going on now and it's not too late to join in! First topic is what to name the book! Yes....the title could potentially be your idea!


Writing can be a solitary pursuit, which explains why many writers are compulsive Twitter addicts (guilty as charged!!).

I’d love to chat with people while I’m writing, to pick their brains about plots and characters. I spend months, years, with my characters, and I want to share that evolving world with book lovers. So, in writing the follow-up to "Single in the City", I’m making it interactive. I’ll start posting the book as I write it. I’ll ask for your opinions, and these will feed into the story. In a way, readers will guide Hannah’s next adventure.

Readers can sign up for emails on my blog, as well as by sending a Facebook friend request or following me on Twitter. I'd love hundreds, thousands, of chick lit fans to join me!

Michele x


Amy said...

I'm looking forward to us all interactively speaking and sharing our ideas :)

Michele Gorman said...

Me too Amy!

Chick Lit Central lovelies, please do come on over to the blog and suggest title ideas for us to chat about (click on the top blog to leave a comment) ... everyone's ideas are very welcome!

Michele Gorman said...

Good morning, just wanted to let everyone know that I've just posted the first scene of the new book on the blog (, hot of the laptop, and would love your thoughts on it!