Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blogs of the week

Our recent feature is "Blogs of the Week." Each week, we feature a reader blog (which has to be sent to us) and an author blog (which can either be sent to us, or we'll pick one at random). Please check out the blogs we are sharing. We're sure the bloggers would love some friendly comments on their posts or a follow.

To have your blog featured for a future shout out, please
e-mail us. The blogs can be anything: personal, book themed or something else you're interested in that you write about (movies, fashion, pets, career, etc.)

Important: We are going to be phasing out this feature as we move along in 2012. Therefore, we will only be taking blog submissions until December 31st. Any blogs received after that date will not be featured. Anything we receive before that date will be featured starting in February, as we have currently been accommodating blogs on a first come, first serve basis. Thank you!


Blog Hedonista

José María Toro writes from Barcelona and expresses what they feel from all the places they go. The Spanish language is very rich in adjectives and so their explanations are very descriptive. They post some photos, so people can get a feel for the locations. Their idea is to recapture the magic of reading books, with short posts. Even if you don't speak Spanish, you might be able to convert the posts on a language translator website.


The Debutante Ball

The Debutante Ball is a group blog for debut authors, which is now in its sixth season. Join them daily for our takes on bookish and not-so-bookish topics and celebrate with them as their debuts approach.

Sarah Pekkanen, Alicia Bessette, Kristina Riggle, Jenny Gardiner and Sarah Jio have been past featured debutantes. Check out the class of 2012 and show them your support!

*Update to a previous "Blogs of the Week" post: Back in August, we posted Eleanor Gwyn-Jones' blog. Since that time, she has revamped it and has been getting some positive feedback from well-known authors, as a result! Check it out, if you haven't yet.

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