Friday, December 30, 2011

Before we start a new year....

Lindsay Frucci was here recently to share her memoir, "The Pig and Me" as a giveaway along with our review. Today she's back to share a reflection that has become a ritual for her. We thought it would be great food for thought before starting a new year.

Mindful Gratitude

About a year ago I decided I needed to be more mindfully grateful. I have a whole lot to be grateful for, but it's easy to lose sight of that fact when shlogging through the daily grind. So I started taking the time, just before I fell asleep, to review the things I was grateful for on that particular day. Some nights it was easy, others a lot more difficult. But no matter how tough a day it had seemed at the time, there was always - and I mean always - something I would discover I was grateful for: making it to an appointment on time, finding that perfectly ripe avocado, the delicious moment when the bra comes off and the sweats go on, the first sip of wine at the end of a long day. After reminding myself of the little things I was grateful for, I'd list the Big Stuff: a husband who has faced a terminal illness and is healthy, two happy, gainfully employed and self-supporting sons, my own good health, friends.

This little ritual has become a habit and I often drift off in the middle of my Big Stuff list. I sleep better, dream happier and wake with a much more positive attitude. And in times of crisis, this can be a life-saver.

One thing on my grateful list tonight will be the long walk in the chill - but not yet cold – afternoon that my pound-puppy, Zoe and I took today. We wandered through our favorite neighborhood of stately brownstones standing side-by-side on tree-lined streets, checking out the latest additions of holiday wreaths and green fir garland. As we started down a small side street, I happened to glance up and see a pair of deep brown eyes in a gorgeous, golden face intently watching a mom pushing her twins in their stroller. I snapped his picture and added being in the right place at the right time to tonight’s list.

See you next year! :) Have a good one and be safe if you're partying for New Year's Eve.

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Alexa S. said...

What a lovely concept - being mindfully grateful. I used to write up gratitude lists, but lost that habit somewhere along the way. I think I should add that to my NY resolutions!