Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Book Review: Austentatious

By Cindy Roesel

Engineer Nicola James is a sensible girl. She finds a blank vintage journal hidden in Violet’s Crown Antique Shop, in Austin, Texas stuffed between a bunch of old Jane Austen novels. Nic soon finds herself writing in the diary and against rational reasoning, believes it’s writing back to her.

Do you believe in magic?

Alyssa Goodnight says by writing her novel, AUSTENTATIOUS she is both paying homage to Jane Austen and to Austen’s classic novel, PRIDE and PREJUDICE. To fully enjoy the experience of reading AUSTENTATIOUS, you must not only believe in magic, but embrace “Fairy Jane,” as in Jane Austen. AUSTENTATIOUS is an experience in suspended romantic reality, but worth it, when you know you’re going to “have your cake and meet him, too.”

Immediately after Nic has purchased her diary, Fairy Jane begins messing with her mind and life. Up until now, Nic has had what she believes is the perfect life. She’s followed a safe PLAN since she was thirteen, beginning with her engineering job and all she needs is for the right engineer guy to come along. But now with Fairy Jane in the picture, things are about to change and romance is going to get complicated for Nic and exciting for us, the readers! A really hot Scottish rock musician enters the scene unexpectedly, pursues her, forcing Nic out of her comfort zone. No two people could be more different yet better matched. She has to think about herself with her heart and put her PLAN on hold. Even if it means putting off a new job or dropping everything to travel halfway around the world to literally beg for the man she loves!

“I’m a big believer in second chances,” a grin spreading slow and wide across his face.

The thing I love best about Nic, and I imagine Alyssa too, are they are both pretty groovy chicks! They are girly girls, the kind of gals you’ll want to hang out with on a Saturday afternoon and check out Hey Cupcake!, a local shiny silver Airstream trailer where you buy a delicious Double Dose Whipper Snapper, with an injection of whipped cream and chase it down with a carton of milk - and not worry if you just gained a couple of ounces or maybe even a pound! Nic is quirky in a fun way that makes you sad when the book is finished but happy with the majorly satisfying ending. And writer Alyssa Goodnight leaves you thrilled to know she has another novel coming out soon after AUSTENTATIOUS!

Alyssa Goodnight is the author of a Historical Romance entitled, UNLADYLIKE PURSUITS. You can find her on Facebook and at her website. AUSTENTATIOUS will be released February 2012.

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Unknown said...

Wonderful review Cindy! I want to eat a frosting infused cupcake, and pick up a dusty journal to see what magic comes my way. XOXO

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Thank you for such a great review, Cindy! I'm so glad you enjoyed AUSTENTATIOUS!!

(And I'm flattered you think I'm a groovy chick!) :)