Thursday, December 29, 2011

Book Review: Sleeping with Paris

By Amy Bromberg

Do you remember the jingle "Calgon Take Me Away?" Well, "Sleeping with Paris" does exactly that. It makes you want to pour yourself a glass of wine (or eat some delicious chocolate), dive into the book, and leave your cares and worries behind.

Charlotte Summers is on cloud nine. She and Jeff, her fiancĂ©, are about to leave for Paris and start a new adventure together. She’s going to start studying at the prestigious Sorbonne University in France, which will lead her to a teaching job. Then her world comes shattering down while visiting Jeff’s office. She sees his online dating profile and another woman chatting with him. What’s a girl to do, when’s she’s days away from leaving for the City of Love and her whole world falls apart?

Charlotte does move to Paris, and starts a blog on how to date like a man in the City of Love, just like Samantha does in "Sex and the City." However, after a while, she starts to feel this is not what she really wants.

I haven’t read a chick lit novel in a while that was this romantic and entertaining. Talk about a steamy combination of sex, with the ultimate dessert after, chocolate. I connected with Charlotte through Juliette’s use of words and emotions. I felt as if I was Charlotte’s best friend, experiencing with her the Parisian cafes, pastries, bars and all the wonders of Paris.

It must have been very comforting to meet some single girls, especially one on the first night, being alone in a foreign city and all. In addition these girls also dealt with boyfriends who have cheated on them. Who better than girlfriends to help take your sorrows away after dealing with a broken heart?

Because Charlotte has had a string of bad luck in the relationship department, it made me think it was a little far-fetched for her to agree to a marriage proposal in the first place, not even a year into the relationship with her cheating fiancé. Also, the stories in her blog would have been a little more realistic if they were a bit more tamed. But hey this is fiction, and why not let the imagination run wild?!?

I recommend this book to anyone looking for a heartwarming, fun, juicy and magical read. And at only 99 cents for Kindle, you can't go wrong!

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Juliette Sobanet said...

Thanks for the wonderful review Amy! So happy you enjoyed the book:)