Thursday, May 9, 2013

Go-To-Gay: Taking on the role of a casting director

Introduction by Tracey Meyers

It's International Chick Lit Month!

To celebrate, CLC is going to the movies.  Like many, getting the opportunity to see one of our favorite books translated to the
"big screen" is exciting!  Though I know it's not Chick Lit, this month The Great Gatsby, one of my favorite books, is coming to theaters.  I am filled with as so much anticipation for the release of this movie, you'd think I was in it.  It's the same anticipation I felt when Emily Giffin's novel, Something Borrowed was set to be released in theaters.

Translating a book to the big screen is a HUGE responsibility if you ask me.  You not only want to make sure that the screenplay stays true to the story, but also that the actors do justice to the characters they're portraying.

Since writers know a thing or two about character development and personality traits, we have asked our Go-To-Gay, Wade Rouse, to cast the character to his favorite chick lit novel from any year.  I have to say, when I read which book he picked and who he cast, I was quite happy.

This is just another reason I give Wade "two thumbs up!"

Jemima J by Jane Green

I’ve been obsessed with Jane Green since Jemima J (in a non-stalker-y sort of way, of course). Over the years, I’ve cast and re-cast the movie version of this book as much as I’ve cast and re-cast movie versions of my memoirs (I, of course, would be played by Ryan Gosling or Neil Patrick Harris, depending on my mood and whether they have been turned into musicals). That said, here is my updated casting of Jemima J:

Jemima: Rebel Wilson
The actress who tore up Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect would be pitch perfect as the main character, an overweight, love-struck journalist who eventually loses a lot of weight in order to reinvent herself and her life to meet her online, Cali-hunk, Brad. Yes, I know Rebel is Australian, but she would be PERFECT as Jemima.

Ben: Hugh Dancy
Done deal. As the sexy, sweet, smart boss Jemima (and all other women) pine over, Dancy would bring the ideal mix of charm, sex appeal and heart-fluttering goodness.

Geraldine: Emily Blunt
As the beautiful, funny, tart, less-talented but better-paid journalist, Blunt would bring the right mix of intelligence and smirk, as well as that biting condescension undercut by knowing reality (that only Blunt can pull off) that she’s actually very sweet and lost underneath all that ego and pretense.

Brad: Channing Tatum
As the seemingly perfect, California-trainer-hunk (with a secret), Tatum could bring West Coast chill and a believable sweetness to the man who gets Jemima in shape but ultimately crushes her and brings her to her senses.

Sophie & Lisa: Unknowns
Jemima’s beautiful, social-climbing receptionist-roommates who treat her like Cinderella’s stepsisters treated her need to be pretty and pretty mean, a mix of Emily Blunt from The Devil Wears Prada and the cutting goofiness of Kristin Wiig improv’ing with Maya Rudolph. These are the types of small roles of which future stars are made. 

The writings of bestselling humorist Wade Rouse – called “wise, witty and wicked” by USA Today and the lovechild of Erma Bombeck and David Sedaris – have been featured multiple times on NBC’s Today Show as well as on Chelsea Lately on E! and His latest memoir, It’s All Relative: Two Families, Three Dogs, 34 Holidays and 50 Boxes of Wine (reviewed here) launched in paperback February 1st from Broadway, and he is creator and editor of the humorous dog anthology, I’m Not the Biggest Bitch in This Relationship: Hilarious, Heartwarming Tales about Man’s Best from America’s Favorite Humorists (NAL). The book features a Foreword by Chelsea Handler’s dog, Chunk, essays by such beloved chick lit authors as Jane Green, and 50 percent of the book’s net royalties go to the Humane Society of the United States. His first memoir, America's Boy, has been re-published by Magnus Books for paperback and Kindle. For more, visit his website, or friend him on Facebook or Twitter.


Mary Jo Burke said...

Book sounds great and so does the "cast".

Unknown said...

I read this book ten years ago and loved it! Love your casting choices!