Thursday, February 28, 2013

Winners of "For Internal Use Only" and "A Hundred Summers"

To find our winners, we assigned a number to each entry (from only the entries with contact info; one per person for A Hundred Summers) and asked to choose FOUR numbers (two for each book)

Congrats to:

Winners of For Internal Use Only:

12 - Allie Smith
86-Suzy M (SuzyQ4PR)

Winners of A Hundred Summers:

9 - Jessica (walkingcorpse11)
33 - Hailey (fishiegirl22)

Reminder: If you have won a book, you have about 48 hours to claim it by sending your contact information. (You will be e-mailed if you have won, as well.) After that time, a new winner will be picked.

Thanks to everyone for participating and talking about what you don't leave home without and/or who your favorite Oscar nominees were.

Thanks to Cari Kamm for visiting with us and sharing her book with our winners. Thanks to Penguin for sharing A Hundred Summers with our winners.

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