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Books of the Week: February 4th

Thanks for checking out Books of the Week! There are nine of us and we can't keep up with the many review requests we receive, even though we'd love to read everything sent our way. Therefore, we have decided to give some books their time in the spotlight and introduce you to them through this new blog feature. We will be featuring two books a week. We hope you will take the time to check these books out. (Click the titles to find them on Amazon.) If you read them and want to write a guest blogger review for us, please e-mail us and we'll be glad to work with you!

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Vlad All Over
By Beth Orsoff

Orsoff tells the story of Los Angeles schoolteacher Gwen Andersen. Gwen loves her job, but soon realizes that in order to keep the childhood home she inherited from her parents, she will need a serious influx of income. When a single father at her school asks Gwen to fill in as his au pair and accompany their family to their ancestral estate in Romania for the summer, Gwen agrees. She knows she should be thrilled. After all, Alexander Romanescu is beyond wealthy, and Gwen adores his daughter Isabella. Yet Gwen can’t shake the nagging feeling that the arrangement might lead to more than she bargained for. What follows is a fast-paced tale of ancestral secrets, family feuds, romance, and more than one surprise twist. It’s a fun, engaging tale that is a perfect escape for the holiday travel season.

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Things are Going to Slide
By Rangeley Wallace

Marilee Carson Cooper, daughter of a good southern family, had expectations, but now they are dashed. After her husband leaves her for a young man when she is pregnant with their second child, she pins her hopes for financial and career salvation on winning the coveted Chair of Clinical Law at Alabama Southern University. The Chair goes to Dwight Hurley, a hometown boy who once broke her heart. He is favored because he claims to have written a forthcoming textbook, while Marilee’s job is now endangered, despite her success at the clinic. Dwight’s mysterious reappearance leaves Marilee burning for revenge.

At the same time, the troubled clients of the legal clinic are presenting Marilee and her student lawyers with grave issues. One of them—an unwed teen mother whom Marilee has known for most of her life—is accused of child abuse and murder. As her feelings for Dwight become increasingly confused, Marilee realizes that her rival could be her only hope in saving the teenager.

Things Are Going To Slide grips the heart with its twists and turns of romantic love in a legal clinic and illuminates the dynamics of justice in a closely knit town.

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By Charles Dubow

INDISCRETION is a story of love, lust, greed, power, and, ultimately, betrayal. Told through the eyes of an outsider, this unconventional, sexy thriller will have you on the edge of your seat. Questions will run through your head, and the twists and turns will always keep you guessing as to what will happen next. Dubow is not afraid to make his readers uncomfortable as they question their own understandings of loyalty, faithfulness, deception, infidelity, and what it takes to get what you want. This book does not play it safe, and that’s what makes it an irresistible read.

Young, spirited Claire finds herself amongst the most glamorous when she arrives at a high-society party in the Hamptons and is introduced to the hosts, Harry and Madeleine Winslow. Instantly, Claire recognizes Harry as the National Book Award-winning author who is on the cusp of greatness. She is immediately taken by the couple and their charm and wisdom, and they quickly take her in as one of their inner-sanctum. Walter, one of Madeleine’s oldest friends and our narrator, remembers vividly the day Claire sauntered into all three of their lives, but never could have predicted how it unfolded. What starts as glamorous summer fun swiftly devolves into something dangerous as Claire becomes increasingly envious of Harry and Madeleine’s lifestyle of love and wealth. By Labor Day, she is no longer content with simply being a hanger-on, and destructive desire takes over.”

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