Friday, December 14, 2012

Special holiday treats from Kaira Rouda

We love Kaira Rouda here at Chick Lit Central. She's incredibly sweet and down to earth. She was here to visit this past spring and we enjoyed what she had to say about her writing experience and All the Difference. She also mentioned an upcoming novel at that time. A while back, Melissa A. read Here, Home, Hope and loved it! You can find her review here.

As a special holiday treat, Kaira has both her novels available for 99 cents on Kindle through the end of the month! (Click on the titles by their subscriptions to purchase at this great rate!)

Learn more about her novels below and then find out about a special giveaway at her website. (We'll keep you in suspense for now!)

You can find Kaira at her website and on Facebook and Twitter. Stop by and say hi. She'd love to meet you!

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Here Home Hope:
Kelly Johnson becomes restless in her 39th year. An appetite for more forces her to take stock of her middling middle-American existence and her neighbors' seemingly perfect lives. Her marriage to a successful attorney has settled into a comfortable routine, and being the mother of two adorable sons has been rewarding. But Kelly's own passions lie wasted. She eyes with envy the lives of her two best friends, Kathryn and Charlotte, both beautiful, successful businesswomen who seem to have it all. Kelly takes charge of her life, devising a midlife makeover plan. From page one, Kelly's witty reflections, self-deprecating humor, and clever tactics in executing that plan--she places Post-it notes all over her house and car--will have readers laughing out loud. The next instant, however, they might rant right along with Kelly as her commitment to a sullen, anorexic teenager left on her doorstep tries her patience or as she deflects the boozy advances of a divorced neighbor. Readers will need to keep the tissue box handy, too, as Kelly repairs the damage she inflicted on a high school friend; realizes how deeply her husband, Patrick, understands and loves her; and ultimately grows into a woman empowered by her own blend of home and career.

All The Difference:
From the bestselling author of HERE, HOME, HOPE, comes a novel of suspense and choices, with a nod to the best of Susan Isaacs's tales of suburban murder. Once again, everything isn't what it seems in the wonderful suburb of Grandville. ALL THE DIFFERENCE is the story of three women whose lives become entangled by the choices they make and how, ultimately, one of them turns to murder to achieve her goals. Roommates Laura and Angie couldn't be more different. Laura is a local celebrity, the television anchor who is motivated to move out of small-time media markets and on to the big time, no matter the cost. Meanwhile, Angie, a luckless waitress, spends her time waiting for Mr. Right to save her from temporary jobs and a life spent making bad choices. On the other side of town, Ellen abandons her life as a successful fundraiser for that of an isolated housewife in the country estate she shares with her husband, whose affairs become increasingly hard to ignore. When the city's gossip columnist, Maddie, and restaurant reviewer, Dixon, become involved in the mystery, the unlikely duo stir up more than they intended. But will anyone be able to stop the next murder? With her signature compassion and wit, Kaira Rouda once again takes readers on an entertaining journey into the heart of women's lives in suburbia - this time with the question would you go to extremes to live the life of your dreams?

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Either way you can get some cool gifts selected by some very special ladies!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And to celebrate, Kaira has asked her two leading ladies – Kelly from Here, Home, Hope – and Ellen from All the Difference – to select prizes they’d love to receive. Ellen, representing the devious women of Grandville, selected some "Naughty" gifts - Arsenic perfume, a Black Swan Ornament, a Journal to write about her secret lives, a Swarm of Bees candle and more. Kelly, representing the happier women of Grandville, selected an assortment of "Nice" presents for you including Rosewater perfume, a handblown White swan ornament, a journal to record your good deeds, a pure white soy candle and more. To enter this giveaway, visit Kaira's website and follow the instructions.

Giveaway ends December 21st. (Please ONLY enter at Kaira's website.)

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Thank you for having me on your blog today and for sharing the news about my holiday giveaway! Love you guys, too!