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Books of the Week: December 31st

Thanks for checking out Books of the Week! There are nine of us and we can't keep up with the many review requests we receive, even though we'd love to read everything sent our way. Therefore, we have decided to give some books their time in the spotlight and introduce you to them through this new blog feature. We will be featuring two books a week. We hope you will take the time to check these books out. (Click the titles to find them on Amazon.) If you read them and want to write a guest blogger review for us, please e-mail us and we'll be glad to work with you!

Authors: We will let you know whether or not we'll be able to review your book upon your request, and hope you'll be interested in this feature as an alternative.

By J.M. Remmer

Frances Flight an eager, country girl bags a job at Shooting Weekly, throws herself into the life of a London journalist and the arms of Henry Black the magazine’s heroic Editor. When Frances’ glamorous world of gameshooting collides with her animal rights activist cousin’s, her romance, the future of the magazine, and even her own life become endangered. As Frances, and the wonderful motley crew at Shooting Weekly, bang their way through grouse shoots, muddy wildfowling and elegant pheasant shooting, they face enormous challenges to save the sport they love.

Bang Bang is a fantastic romp through the British countryside revealing the thrilling, boozy, bed-hopping world that is British gameshooting. Set in 2001 at the time hunting was being banned Bang Bang offers a brilliant portrayal of the wild side of English country life. An amazon reviewer writes, 'JM Remmer writes with zest and wit, and creates a rollicking series of adventures for her country girl in the big city. Think 'Lace' meets 'The History of Tom Jones' - or Jane Austen sitting on a rampant rabbit.The result is a funny, heart-warming and deliciously sexy read. I learnt as much about outdoor nookie as countryside politics, and just as I devoured Jilly Cooper without ever wanting to get on a horse, so I read this without feeling any urge to kill a duck.'

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Farbissen: Melissa Morris and the Meaning of Money
By Jasmine Schwartz

"There were days when fortune smiled and others when it grimaced, and the current one was up for grabs."

So begins Farbissen, a mystery that's smart, funny and satisfying.

Melissa Morris is a thirty-something single New Yorker who works in fashion. She has it all, until she fails spectacularly and is banished from the fashion industry. Set adrift, she follows her boyfriend to London, hoping for a second chance. But Melissa's search for herself is interrupted when she discovers a dead body.

Farbissen is $2.99 for Kindle.

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