Friday, December 14, 2012

Book Review & Giveaway: She's the Boss

By Cindy Roesel

**Giveaway is now closed**

Writing a sequel isn’t easy! It means you’ve written the first book, which alone is a big step. Then it means you think it’s good enough for a follow-up. Hold on, partner! Sequels aren’t for sissies!

Author Lisa Lim, who we all know and love from her debut novel, CONFESSIONS OF A CALL CENTER GAL, has once again marched out those pop-off the page characters working for Lightning Speed Communications in Pocatello, Idaho. You’ll be happy to know Karsynn Higginbotham leads the pack in SHE’S THE BOSS. Karsynn is joined by the same group of wacky neurotics we grew to love and have missed like Troung, Inge, Maddy, Mika...and in addition this time, we have Carter Lockwood, the drop dead gorgeous boss we love to hate, in charge of all of them.

Lisa Lim immediately starts filling what we’ve become accustomed to getting from her -- our pop culture fix -- our “Fifty Shades of Grey moments,” while we’re TIVOing Homeland and the mini-mice are hurling themselves onto the traps! A Texas fugitive is seeking employment! It’ll make sense when you read it and you will laugh! Trust me!

In CONFESSIONS, Karsynn was all about work. In SHE’S THE BOSS, she’s all about work, but she’s also the boss and she has a boss. At first, they don’t get along too well, but she doesn’t want to get fired. She asks him to be her mentor. First thing he teaches her, “You get along by getting along.”

Soon they’re off to Malaysia to open a new call center. Two weeks on an island in the middle of the Pacific can change a few things like Carter telling Karsynn he really likes her “badonkadonk.” What?!? Exactly!

SHE’S THE BOSS taps into the current landscape of corporate greed rolling over the little guy for shareholder’s profits, but I think you’re going to like the ending on a lot of fronts. It’s Chick-Lit au current! It’s definitely worth checking out and my pick for best novel of 2012!

Thanks to Lisa for the e-book in exchange for an honest review. She's the Boss is only $2.99 for Kindle, but Lisa's also giving away TWO e-books to some lucky readers anywhere in the world!

How to win She's the Boss:
Since it's the winter holidays and this story is about an office environment, tell us about something interesting that happened at an office/work-related holiday party. (If you've never been to one, just say so and you're still counted.) One entry per person. Please include your e-mail address or a way to contact you if you win.

Giveaway ends December 19th at midnight EST

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msamy said...

I went to my former company's holiday party, and since I don't drink, I got to "people watch". I was amazed and appalled at the changes you get to see in people you think you know when you add a little alcohol...the shy boss becomes a monster flirt, and the quiet secretary starts dancing on the table and taking off her clothes! It made me realize that even for those who like to imbibe once in a while, the company office party is probably not the environment in which to "let loose"!

I can be reached at msamy AT pobox DOT com, or through facebook.
I'm a member of CLC through facebook and twitter, and I love this group...I get the 411 on books I might not otherwise be inclined to read. Another plus is that now about 9 of my friends are also members, so we get to discuss what we're reading "in real life"...thanks!

susieqlaw said...

I went to a work Holiday party. Out of over 400 people, I was voted employee with the most infectious laugh!

At one point during the evening, lots of colored balloons were released. People kept popping the balloons looking for a prize inside. It turns out depending on the color of the balloon, each employee got a gift card! Very cool! With a green balloon, I got a gift card to Starbucks!

Door prizes too..I won 2 restaurant quality big bowls made by Homer Laughlin the company that makes Fiesta Ware!

sendsusanmail AT gmail DOT com

I follow the CLC blog, Facebook, and twitter.

Anonymous said...


Nova said...
have been to work related holiday dinners, nothing noteworthy happened :just a great meal with family & co-workers.
I follow CLC on facebook.
I follow CLC on pinterest.
I subscribe to the blog by email.
Merry Christmas!

Sheena said...

Unfortunately the place I work at doesn't do a holiday party:( But would still love a chance to read this:)

I follow the website and trhough twitter and am a member on the facebook page.

bn100 said...

I've never been to an office party.

I follow the blog.


Kristen said...

This has to be one of the craziest - was with my (small) office, and one of the employee's girlfriends was with us. She proposed to him in the middle of dinner. In front of all of his coworkers. As far as I know, they are still together!


Linda Kish said...

I haven't been to an office party.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Erica said...

Hmmm ... our office parties are very ordinary and dull. Too bad!

I follow the blog, facebook, twitter, GFC and email

wordywon at gmail dot com

Kat said...

I have never been to an office party.

theresa said...

i never been to an office party

Mary Preston said...

My work parties are always such dull affairs. I do the walk around & go home.

GFC & FB: Mary Preston

Email Subscriber:


Jilleen said...

Oh My.....several, several years ago (14 years) at my work's holiday party, it leaked out that two married couples were having an affair. The two that I worked with were having the got very interesting after that. Let's say everyone had to run to the bathroom a lot that evening (to gossip)! It was actually very sad all the way around. The couples divorced and the two co-workers cheated on each other....enough said!

I follow the blog via email updates.
Fan on Facebook
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Thanks for the great giveaway

Jill at Seaside Book Nook

Seasidebooknook at yahoo dot com

Ananda said...

Well..not sure if that was interesting, but it sure was embarrassing ..falling down the stairs in a restaurant where the party was. LOL Everyone tried to be polite and help me out, but I bet they were laughing behind my back. A painful yet a memorable event LOL

I'm a GFC and a twitter follower.


BCT said...

I work from a home office, ironically for a communications company's call center, so I haven't attended an actual office party. Although I have had plenty of fun at my own office! I just saw this sequel posted through Chick Lit and now I've just got to look up the first book too! I'm sure I'll be able to relate to all of it! :)

Unknown said...

Several years ago I went to one for a bank I worked for, and they had a few door prizes. One was an incredibly ugly stone pelican, and guess who won...ME! Luckily, someone I knew wanted it and I gladly gave it to her!

rubynreba said...

I have not been to an office party.

Heather said...

We don't have office parties, but I have heard many hilarious stories from others about some very embarrasing acts after a little too much imbibement at a holiday party :)

Goweezie AT aol DOT com

Thanks for the great giveaway.

Melissa said...

Thanks to everyone for participating, Cindy for a fab review, and Lisa for sharing her book! chose two winners from everyone who commented and gave us contact info. (One entry per person.) Congrats to bn100 and Ananda!