Sunday, December 30, 2012

Book Review: The K Street Affair

By Cindy Roesel

If you’re reading CHICK-LIT CENTRAL, you obviously love Chick-Lit, but we’ve been expanding and reviewing other genres lately. Lucky me, because I’m a fan of Showtime’s, Homeland and the old FOX show 24, and I’ve been given Mari Passananti’s latest novel, The K Street Affair, to review and from page one, let’s just say you better buckle up!

Lena Mancuso, a talented young lawyer at one of the country’s top law firms has a very busy few days ahead of her. But first, let us readers get through first fourteen well-written pages that jump out of the beginning of Mari Passananti’s novel like a screenplay. They describe the terror that hits Washington DC.

It’s believed terrorists have set off several bombs throughout the Washington DC area crippling the city. Shortly after Lena makes it home, FBI agents show up at her door saying they need her help, believing her firm has something to do with the bombings. Shocked by the day’s events, unable to contact her husband and several friends, Lena is overwhelmed by what to do. She doesn’t want to turn her back on what’s right for America. I don’t want to give away any of what happens from there but I’ll tell you the conspiracy goes all the way up to the POTUS (President of the United States) and the story goes around the world.

If you like twists and turns and smart story-telling, this is the book for you! Once you get on this roller-coaster, forget about getting off. I really liked Lena Mancuso, she’s tough, smart and has amazing luck. By helping the FBI, Lena, puts herself and everyone she loves in danger and the situation she ends up in is just too crazy in itself! It’s somewhat far-fetched, a bit long, but it’s enjoyable.

I look forward to what Mari Passananti follows The K Street Affair up with. It's not long till this one will be coming to bookstores near you...January 8th to be exact!

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