Friday, March 9, 2012

What's in the mail a giveaway!

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Melissa A:

From Paperback Swap:


From Meg Donohue:


From Hodder and Stoughton:

"What I did on My Holidays" by Chrissie Manby (No image available)

This week, there's something for your virtual mailbox...

Eileen Cook has TWO e-books of "Do or Di" for some lucky readers anywhere in the world!

How to win "Do or Di":
Please tell us what you like most about spring. Include your e-mail address or another way to reach you if you win. (One entry per person.)

Giveaway ends March 13th at midnight EST


Stephanie said...

I love the spring weather.

Anonymous said...

I like being able to eat outside!


sneakerdoodle said...

My favorite flowers are daffodils so it makes me happy to see them starting to bloom everywhere :) :)

bas1chs said...

I love all the newness: the flowers and trees blooming and the baby animals. However, I don't really like the allergies that come with the new blooms!

Thanks for the giveaway :-)
bas1chsemail at gmail dot com

Diana_Dimovska said...

I love the wake up call of nature in spring... And sunshine,a lot of sunshine, of course. :) Can't wait for it... :)

Thanks for the giveaway, Diana

Kristilyn (Reading in Winter) said...

The flowers and how everything greens up. It's so pretty!


Lynn's Romance Enthusiasm said...

There is so much that I love about Spring. No more snow, flowers start to come up and I get to look forward to all the fruit that I will soon get to pick. It's like a feeling of rebirth.


Linda Kish said...

I like the beautiful flowers that bloom in spring.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

bn100 said...

I like the flowers.

karenk said...

i love tulips :)

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Jeryl M. said...

I like when it get warmer, and you don't have to wear heavy clothes and winter jackets anymore.

kaewink said...

I love it, when first thing in the morning after waking up you can hear the birds sing!

(Don´t love allergies, that come with spring!)

kewinkler at gmail dot com

BRN2SHOP9 said...

I love being able to take a walk outside without freezing!

brn2shop9 at gmail dot com

Diane Russom Harrison said...

What I love about spring? Sitting on my favorite chaise longue on the screened porch with a big stack of books by my favorite authors and a glass of iced tea on the table next to me! HEAVEN!

Diane Russom Harrison said...

Kat said...

Be able to go out in the sunshine and read a book without any interruptions with some chocolate at my side! heaven on a plate!

Kat said...
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leonel said...

Flowers and their colors - my fave Spring thing.

leonelescota AT Gmail

Susan @ The Book Bag said...

I love the rain that washes away all the dirt and grime from winter. And the wonderful smell of the spring rains.


StereoQueenBee said...

Maple syrup season!

queenofcrunk at gmail dot com

Erin Thomas said...

Going outside without coat and boots and hat and mitts! :) Just going out. And enjoying the sunshine.

erin at erinthomas dot ca

Erica said...

The blue skies

wordywon at gmail dot com

Melissa said... chose 4 and 11. Congrats to bas1chs and Jeryl!