Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Making friends with Kathryn

We don't just ask authors questions...we answer them too. Here are Kathryn's answers. Hope you'll enjoy getting to know her better.

Favorite TV show about friendship:
Hands down, "Friends." Fantastically funny show (Ross and the leather pants is still one of my all-time favourite episodes that makes me laugh whenever I think about it) and the way I met some wonderful people online.

Favorite movie about friendship:
Circle of Friends (adapted from the Maeve Binchy book)

Favorite song about friendship:
"You've Got a Friend In Me" from Toy Story

Strangest way you've ever met a friend:
It's not necessarily "strange," but on the first day of university, I walked up to (my now friend) Karen and asked her if she was in my group (she wasn't). We ended up chatting and it turned out we lived in the same residence, lived about 40 minutes away from each other, and had birthdays one day apart.

Friend you've known the longest:
I've reconnected with people on Facebook that I've known since kindergarten, but as for a friend that I still talk to regularly and spend time with, that would be Anne who I've known since I was 16. (So that's 19 years, whoa, wait... really??? Wow).

Did you ever have those best friend necklaces that split in the middle?
Didn't have one of the necklaces, but my best friend in high school and I had bracelets (one said best, the other said friend).

Funniest thing you did with a friend:
I broke out in a dance in the middle of Ikea once. I spontaneously break into dance all the time, just usually restrict it to not so public places. :)

Was there ever a time where you thought you knew a friend but it turned out you didn't know them at all?
My best friend from high school... I think it's not so much that I didn't know her, but that we grew apart and she's now someone that I don't care to keep in touch with.

Movie character you'd like to be best friends with?
Bridget Jones... or Eve and Benny from Circle of Friends.

Character from "Friends" you'd be best friends with?
This is tough because I'm probably the most like Monica (although my brother once told me that I was a lot like Rachel)... but I'd say either Monica or Rachel. Although, really, probably everyone because in reality my friends are all very different.

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