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In Francine LaSala's funny shoes, plus a book giveaway

**Giveaway is now closed**

You probably have heard of "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption," but if we changed the title to "Rita Hayworth and the SHOEshank Redemption," it might sell as chick lit. However, Francine LaSala came up with a simpler, and perhaps better title, "Rita Hayworth's Shoes," (reviewed here) and applied it to her debut novel. It's a story about a pair of shoes that transforms the life of a woman who has hit rock bottom. And that's not all! Francine has two more stories in the works and has written four feature-length screenplays to boot! (Or is it shoe in this case?) And she's raising two daughters at the same time (her husband helps with that part). What can't Francine do?!? She's here to share what makes her laugh and is giving away FIVE signed copies of "Rita Hayworth's Shoes" to some lucky readers anywhere in the world!

If you want some more laughs, visit the Facebook pages for Francine and "Rita Hayworth's Shoes!"

Funniest chick lit novel?
Without hesitation, the "godmother" of them all: "Bridget Jones's Diary" by Helen Fielding. That book, original in format and voice, opened a whole new world for writers to be able to be more honest when developing heroines. They could be normal(ish) and loser-ish and drink too much wine and sing into the mirror--they didn't have to be anything but everyday chicks struggling with everyday issues, and there's a fresh, honest charm about that. Bridget is delicious and hilarious because of her imperfections. We want to slap her when she goes for the wrong guy because we've been there and we know, because we've shared the experience, that no good will come from it. We want to hug and comfort her when she fails. We want to celebrate with her when she works it all out. And we're peeing ourselves laughing the whole ridiculous journey.

Funniest book character (chick lit or any kind)?
Not chick lit but I think the character of "The Emperor" in Christopher Moore's books really stands out for me. He's a crazy homeless guy who "protects" the city of San Francisco from supernatural wackiness with his "men" (two dogs clad in trash-can-lid-armor) and a deep, abiding sincerity, who has the respect of the entire city. (I'm a huge fan of quirky flawed characters, clearly.)

Favorite comedy film?
"Bringing Up Baby" (love that Hepburn-Grant magic!). In fact, I would go so far as to say I love screwball comedies above all, period. "The Philadelphia Story," "It Happened One Night," "His Gal Friday," and while not quite screwball, all the "Thin Man" movies from the 1940s...they're all just divine! They all have a kind of go-with-it flow that just pulls you right through the story, and while you know what you're experiencing is ridiculous, there's just such a magic about it that makes it all plausible and wonderful.

Funniest TV show?
"Arrested Development." I'm ashamed to admit I never watched this show while it was on the air. In fact, I never even saw an episode until about six or so months ago. I DVR it in reruns now and every now and then I come across one I haven't seen. What a delight that show is! It cracks me up every time. And Richie Cunningham and Fonzie and Chachi all being involved like that. Pure genius!

Funniest song?
That I can think of right now, Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" for sure. Hilarious! Actually, I think all her songs are pretty hilarious. She's gorgeous and talented and could take herself and her success so seriously and she doesn't. She's a lunatic. Just quirky and playful and funny as hell.

Funniest quirk you had as a child?
I didn't know the answer to this question until I got an email from my daughter's first-grade teacher just today about a quirk she and I share. When I was young, I was a crazy liar. Just a wicked crazy liar. I would tell my classmates insane things, and stand by my tales even when I got in trouble with my teachers for being such a wicked crazy liar. But what I know about myself now, and perhaps am seeing in my daughter, is that possibly this is just how writers are born. So maybe we didn't go to Paris this weekend, and maybe I have never been a secret princess in need of rescue...either now or in the 1970s. But isn't what makes the world more interesting the possibility of what if?

Funniest misunderstanding?
Anything having to do with song lyrics. As a writer, it's shameful how horrible I am with song lyrics sometimes. I really just "hear" anything - and I should respect the words more. One of the weirdest ones by far is from about 20 years ago and still sticks with me. In "How Will I Know" Whitney Houston sings "Falling in love is so bittersweet." I heard (and repeated, often): "Four-legged love is all that I need." A real head-scratcher, yes, yet there are thousands more where that came from. Friends can't always give me specific examples of me doing this, but in asking over the past couple of days if they remember any, they all get the same smug, knowing smile--the one that says: "Oh yes, that's what you do."

Strangest thing you find funny?
Wooden Face Spectacle Holder. It simply cannot be explained; please see the photo.

Favorite inside joke you have with anyone you know?
I think I probably have inside jokes with everyone I know--and I love to plant them in my books to see if my friends actually read them. Here's one from recent days that was absolutely hysterical: "How is this a mouse?" This was asked by a friend actually looking at a picture of a mouse, confused as it didn't look like the first thing that popped into his mind at the mention of the word "mouse"--a computer mouse! Hilarious, but definitely only in context.

Favorite comedian?
Louis C.K.. I don't think I could get through raising my two young daughters without him.

Special thanks to Francine for sharing her humor with us (gotta love that spectacle holder) and sharing her books with some lucky readers!

How to win "Rita Hayworth's Shoes":
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Giveaway ends November 1st at midnight EST. (So be sure to enter while you're still on a Halloween candy buzz!)


Nina said...

"Four legged love is all that I need" now THAT is a funny misheard lyric!! This sound like a great book to read when you need your spirits lifted!!
The funniest quirk I had as a kid...hmmm. I used to do a great impression of a hamster...but you see, you'd have to see that to appreciate it's quirkiness!!! LOL. :)

Literary Chanteuse said...

I would love to win and read this book. Sounds delightful! Love the title! I'm a follower.


Jeryl M. said...

I would like to read this book. However, if you have to ask a question to get extra entries for some reason that is not showing up on my screen.

Jeryl M. said...

When I ate a bologna sandwich, I would eat one piece of bread, eat the meat, and then eat the other.

I am a subscriber.

I am a Facebook follower.

BRN2SHOP9 said...

I used to say hedge hiking lol

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Margie said...

This sounds like a fun read. Thanks for the giveaway.
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Mary Preston said...

Funniest quirk: I would crawl into bed under the covers at the foot of the bed. My Mother would have to tuck them back in.

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Jilleen said...

Would love to win this book. Sounds great.

quirk - Eat the crust off my sandwich first (still do).

I am a follower of the blog and Facebook. Thanks so much

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Jilleen said...

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Amy said...

Per my husband I stick my tongue out sometimes, but he does too, especially when he's deep in concentration doing something.
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Linda Kish said...

I would love to win a copy of this book.

I would roll my white bread into a ball, smoosh it up and eat it.

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Charlotte said...
i am a chic lit follower.
This book sounds wonderful! I can hardly wait to read it and to get a copy free would be wonderful!

Literary Chanteuse said...

Guess I forgot my quirk. I used to disappear to my basement and practice singing. A friend of mine (still today) laughs at the memory. We're playing and then all of a sudden I'm like I have to go sing...


Sheena said...

This sounds like a great book . I follow on Facebook and also follow the Blog!

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I don't know about quirk.

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StereoQueenBee said...

1. Please tell us:What is the funniest quirk you had as a kid

I really can't remember.

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Patricia said...

Thanks for the giveaway!
1. My quirk as a kid was: when I went to bed I made sure my covers were all tucked in and that my feet we under the covers so no boogie man would grab my feet.
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Kim W. said...

1. I was a neat freak! Everything had it's place and had to be lined up and in it's spot, just so! In my teenage years it wasn't quite as bad, but heightened again in my early 20's until I had kids in my early 30's (and then nothing has been the same since!)

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karenk said...

thanks for the chance to read this fabulous novel :)

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Jel said...

i want to read this book! enter me pls ;)

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Nancye said...

This sounds like a great book! I'd love to win a copy.

1. The funniest quirk when I was a child: the only thing I can come up with is sucking my thumb. I finally quit because my mom said I couln't go to school (1st grade!) unless I gave it up. BAM! Stopped right away! I wanted to go to school! LOL!

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