Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blogs of the week

Our recent feature is "Blogs of the Week." Each week, we will feature a reader blog (which has to be sent to us) and an author blog (which can either be sent to us, or we'll pick one at random). This is our first week doing it and we hope to keep the momentum going for a while. Please check out the blogs we are sharing. We're sure the bloggers would love some friendly comments on their posts or a follow.

To have your blog featured for a future shout out, please e-mail us. The blogs can be anything: personal, book themed or something else you're interested in that you write about (movies, fashion, pets, career, etc.)


Seaside Book Nook

Jilleen Hays loves to read and could spend HOURS at Barnes & Noble wandering the shelves. Her first love of books is chick lit, young adult, good ol' fiction and mysteries (just can't be too scary). When she's not reading, she works as the Director of Accounting for a health system, teaches accounting class for the state university, and attends many, many practices and games/events of her three children. She also loves to scrapbook and knit when she has a few extra minutes in-between everything else. She even has a scrapbook blog!

Her dream is to live my the water (ocean preferred) and own a quaint bookstore that serves the best coffee in town. She also hopes to write a book someday (even if it doesn't sell!). The book would be fiction, but would be based on her mother, who was an amazing women in so many, many ways. The book would be a gift to her children who didn't get much time to know their grandma before she passed away.

You can find Jilleen on Facebook.


My other side

Swati Sharma is a novice fiction writer. She has written a chick-lit novel, sent it to publishers and is hoping for good news soon. She loves good chick-lit and Hollywood chick flicks. She not only reads books but deeply, truly adore them. Aside from her books, her three prized possessions are her Blackberry, coffee maker and laptop.

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